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Urge Participation in the Scheduled October Elections in Liberia!
(Editorial, January 10, 2005)

The National Election Commission has indicated that Liberians living abroad will not be allowed to participate because it is "logistically difficult and too costly." Yet there is ample evidence that with international assistance, it is feasible to allow Liberians living abroad the ability to vote in Liberia's scheduled national elections. For example, efforts are currently underway to allow Iraqi's living in the United States to vote in their country's election on January 30th. In addition, the people of Ukraine were allowed to vote for their leader in the United States in that country's most recent elections.

By first putting into place the various international monitoring and election standards, a single location in the US can be designated for Liberians living in the US to go and vote, likewise other countries with large populations of Liberian refugees. TLC Africa believes that the Liberian Embassy in Washington can serve that purpose. Besides, Liberians are well known for going all over the US to attend parties and other social events, school reunions, weddings, etc. TLC Africa believes that those unable to get to Liberia will have no qualms about visiting Washington, DC to cast their vote in this very historic election.

For those who will be actually going to Liberia to vote, the NEC should amend the voter registration process in order to accommodate Liberians living abroad or allow for voter registration upon arrival in Liberia. Given the high cost of airline tickets to Monrovia, it is not likely that people will be willing or able to make two trips to Liberia-one for registration and the other to vote. TLC Africa believes that voter registration can also be conducted at Liberian Embassies around the world, while the registration is underway in Liberia. This is a procedural matter that should not require additional legislative action, but a mere implementation agreement with the NEC and the international community, as was the case with Iraq and the Ukraine.

Although TLC Africa wishes that all Liberians in the Diaspora were in the position to actually go to Liberia and participate in the process, the reality is that not everyone will be in the position to do so for a variety of reasons. If it can be done for Ukrainians and Iraqis, it can be done for Liberians as well. However, it is up to us to sound the alarm bell and call attention to this issue. If we don't, we cannot wake up the morning after and complain about the results. Call the numbers listed below and let our UNITED VOICES be heard. Do it now!

The upcoming Presidential and Legislative elections is no joke and should not be taken lightly. Despite politically motivated delays and attempted roadblocks, the overwhelming consensus from the United Nations, African Union, ECOWAS, European Union, and the United States is that the election scheduled for October must not be postponed. Now that the election is sure to happen, and the UN Mission in Liberia (UNMIL) has secured the country and disarmed combatants, we Liberians living abroad must do all we can to ensure our participation in the election.

Call the policy-making organizations listed below RIGHT NOW and tell them that you are calling to

1) Support the pre-election voter registration at Liberian Embassies around the world for Liberians living abroad as a result of the civil war.

2) Support allowing Liberian refugees living in the US and other countries the ability to vote at designated Liberian Embassies in the United States and other places where repatriation to Liberia is not occurring.

3) Support (financially) the National Elections Commission (NEC) of Liberia to enter into an arrangement with an international elections monitoring organization to facilitate "out-of-country voting.

4) The international community recently supported "out-of-country" voting for the Ukrainians and is currently doing the same for the Iraqis. See proof of this referenced below for further details. (see links: and

  • Email "Liberia's National Election Committee (NEC)" -
  • The White House: 202-456-1111
  • US State Department African Affairs: 202-312-9724
  • US Senate Foreign Relations Committee: (202) 224-4651/ (202) 224-3953
  • US House International Relations Committee: 202-226-7414/202-226-7875
  • UN Secretary-General Spokesman Office: (212) 963-4475 (Press 5)
  • UNMIL Envoy, Jacques Klein: (011-231-6)-586852 or 531131
  • US Embassy in Liberia: (011231) 226-370/380 Ext. 1204/1460
  • Liberian Embassy, Washington, DC: 202-723-0437
  • Congressional Black Caucus Chairman: 202-225-1510

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By: Siakon Nagbe

Liberians are ten months away from the greatest opportunity in the history of the country to transform the national agenda and set the course of history for the nation. It is imperative that all Liberians, within reason, be a part of this decision making process.

The Right to vote is a Constitutional Right and the history of the nation is marred by this Right being denied, corrupted and infringed upon. This generation will hopefully see a reversal of this in the 2005 General and Presidential Elections - monitored and watched by the international community. Full commentary