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African Wisdom
If you act like rotten plum, Bat will eat you.......

red_arrow_right.gif - 958 Bytes A baby snake inherits the poison from it's mother's womb

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 red_arrow_right.gif - 958 Bytes When bad luck call your name, rotten banana can break your teeth

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red_arrow_right.gif - 958 Bytes When you don't know who your enemy is in the village, and the town crier calls, let's go clear the road, it is best to just sit down where you're at.

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red_arrow_right.gif - 958 Bytes Once you're a black man, you're an African..

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Spider Story

Why Spider Has
A Small Waist

Once upon a time. Time......

Spider was once invited to two towns that were having feast. He accepted the invitation of both towns. There were no clocks, telephone, fax service or email to tell him the time of the feast. So Spider came up with his own solution. He tied a rope around his waist, and give one end to friends in each town. He told each one, that when the feast was ready to begin, they should pull the rope to notify him that they were about to eat. When he felt the tug, he will then head for the feast in that town.

Spider waited and waited for the rope to be pulled, finally, the time arrived. Spider felt a tug from one side, he jumped up and started heading in the direction of that town, suddenly there was a jerk from the other side, and he found himself right back where he started from. Then the rope began to tighten around his waist, as his friends pulled on the rope from both direction. They pulled and pulled and pulled, but spider did not show up, they pulled even harder and still spider didn't come.

The harder they pulled, the smaller spider waist became, and all spider could do, was watch and feel the pain of his waist getting smaller and smaller and he didn't get to eat any of the food that was being served at feast in either town.

And that is why today, Spider has a small waist. Moral of the story, don't be greedy.

The End

Submitted to TLC
by Kulubozomo Gbolee-Weefaa

If you have an African story that you want to share with us, please email it to Ciata at
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Spider Story

Once upon a time. Time......

Do you have an African Spider story that you would like to tell our readers? If so, we want to here it.

To submit a short tale or story about spider or one of Africa's creatures, please send your story by email to Ciata at

Due to popular demand, the Parable Page is back!

These old parables and adages have been used for ages throughout Africa, to disseminate wisdom to the young and foolish.

monkey-sm.gif - 1458 BytesMany of the parables  and short stories you will see on this page will refer to  monkey and spider . Monkeys  and Spiders represent many things to the Africans. They are an important part of our every day lives and the heroes and fools of our folklore, tales and legends.

In the African spirit of superstition, tradition and continuation, we present Parables and Short Stories. Please add your words of wisdom by submitting a parable or short story to TLC Parable page.

Please be aware that many of the parables are submitted in "Liberian English" which is also called "Broken English"


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Spider Story- How the world acquire wisdom

A Grebo Parable: Submitted by Jack & Olga van Dam

Once, all the animals were playing a game called "Seebee". This game they played as follows: The participants make a ring, while singing, one of the animals would get in the center to dance, then push another in the ring as a sign of challenge. The one so challenged would get out of the ring and do the same thing. The push is so violent that at times the one pushed, falls.

Tedecho, the smallest rat, jumped onto the elephant's foot, for him to come out. "Eh my Man",No one has challenged me" said the elephant. "Yes, I have" said Tedecho, the rat. "How have you, please show me", said the elephant there-upon the small rat stomped again on the elephant's foot.

"Is that the challenge?", asked the elephant. "Yes", said Tedecho. The elephant trumpeted in the air, shoke his head and remarked that if unequal were going to challenge each other, the play should be called off!

Moral: It becomes embarrassing when a small boy challenges a giant, which, if done however, should be disregarded by the latter.

Pleebo, 1959.


Spider Story By Fatu Dorley

Once upon a time... time. 

There was spider who stole from the king and the punishment was death. So the king called all the town people to come and witness the death of Mr. spider. Every body said that they should burn spider for the crime he committed.

 Spider started to laugh and say " O fire and myself are good friends I beg your put me in the fire please please." So the king got mad and said they were going to throw him in the river. 

Spider started to cry and beg " No my people don't throw me in the water I'm to afraid of the water, I don't know how to swim." So the king said that was his punishment to be thrown in the water. 

As soon as they threw him in the water he floated right to the top and swam right on the other side the water saying I fool all ya'.

The significance of the story is that spider knew if they threw him in the fire he was going to get burned so he tricked the king into letting him put him in the water.

The End

This is about spider.

Spider and all the animals were invited to a feast. And spider chose dog to be his partner. When the food was ready, they put spider and dogs food together O. 

All along spider never thought dog had a big mouth. All spider thought was that dog's nose was it's mouth. So spider was so happy because he thought he was going to eat all the food from the dog. 

Spider told the dog to start eating, my people. Because he was going behind the house to pee, ahhh. When spider came back all the food was gone from the bowl. He ask the dog what happen to the food. And the dog open his mouth wideeee. 

Spider cry and laugh and said O I thought your nose was your mouth. And spider never chose dog as his friend again.
The End.
The moral
don't under estimate people


red_arrow_right.gif - 958 Bytes You cannot be ashamed of your bath bucket

red_arrow_right.gif - 958 Bytes When snake bites you; you see lizard you will run

red_arrow_right.gif - 958 Bytes Dry face make pig gut big.  

red_arrow_right.gif - 958 Bytes Baby not born yet, his eyeball big.  Meaning: Do not be overzealous about what has not been entrusted to you yet.

red_arrow_right.gif - 958 Bytes The breeze that makes chicken shame is the one that blows from the back.  Meaning: It is the unexpected that brings serious embarrassment

red_arrow_right.gif - 958 Bytes Tur-tur (turtle) want join soldier, but where he will hang the gun? Meaning: One wants to do something but doesn't have the means.

red_arrow_right.gif - 958 Bytes What goes up, must come down.

red_arrow_right.gif - 958 BytesIf you can't hear, you can feel - Experience is the best teacher and people learn from their mistakes.

red_arrow_right.gif - 958 BytesA bird and a fish can date but where will they build their nest?

red_arrow_right.gif - 958 BytesThe downfall of a man is not the end of his life.

red_arrow_right.gif - 958 BytesPutting pieces of cloth together will make a gown - IF YOU PUT YOUR HOUSE TOGETHER YOU WILL BE A HAPPY MAN.

red_arrow_right.gif - 958 BytesFine rain will kill you - The little thing we tend to overlook ends up causing more harm.

red_arrow_right.gif - 958 BytesIf you act like rotten plum, Bat will eat you. - If you act stupid, you'll be the loser.

red_arrow_right.gif - 958 BytesAll fingers are not equal.

red_arrow_right.gif - 958 BytesConstant rain can make goats and sheep stand together in the same place

red_arrow_right.gif - 958 BytesIf you know you don't want to kill the chicken, don't tied the neck.

red_arrow_right.gif - 958 BytesDon't dig a hole to cover another hole.

red_arrow_right.gif - 958 BytesTo circumcise leopard is not the thing, but who will hold him down?

red_arrow_right.gif - 958 BytesYou should not stay in the water and tease the alligator.

red_arrow_right.gif - 958 BytesWhen a green leaf sees a dried leaf fall, it should not laugh because it will get dry and fall too.

red_arrow_right.gif - 958 BytesIf you play with puppy, puppy will lick your mouth.

red_arrow_right.gif - 958 BytesWhat's sweet in goat mouth runs its belle.

red_arrow_right.gif - 958 BytesNever trust a woman.

red_arrow_right.gif - 958 BytesNext man child is not your child.

red_arrow_right.gif - 958 BytesSleep has no mercy.

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