TLC Africa 2008

The Day of the African Child was observed with a parade in Monrovia by the Center for Liberia Assistance, (CLA)

Monday, June 16, 2008

Theme: "Right to Participate: Let the children be seen and heard"

Centre for Liberian Assistance, Inc.
Empowering Women & Educating Children

Background: the centre for Liberia assistance Inc., was founded by Liberians in California in 1992 for the purpose of providing some assistance to Liberian and Sierra Leone Women and children in displaced centers in Liberia as well as refugees in Ghana.

New Structure: Over the last few years, CLA has evolved from simply providing food to offering solution: from the immediate needs of food and clothing to the long-term needs of education, advocacy and housing. Now that the war is over in Liberia, our goals are to provide educational opportunities to school age girls in Liberia and to empower marginalized women in Liberia as well as returning refugees

We Run Two Programs:

1. Women's Empowerment program- The main goals of this program are to improve standard of living for disadvantaged Liberian women and to serve returning refugee women. We do this through advocacy, lobbying, denouncing human rights abuses, awareness workshops, forums, grant making, research and documentation. In addition, CLA teaches women how to advocate for themselves and their communities, using their voices to promote positive change in 2006-2007 we became more active in the fight against gender based violence (GBV)

2. Girls Education Programs - The program provides an opportunity to create a powerful support system to meet the educational and psychological needs of girls in post ware Liberia. The goal of of this program is to give the girl child access to quality education through scholarships. We currently cater to girls between the ages of four years to fourteen years old. These are disadvantaged kids whose tuition we underwrite through a scholarship program. We also provide monthly home visits to children in our program to evaluate additional needs.

Goals for 2008 - 2009

  1. Social Services Agency / Crisis Center
  2. Transitional Housing
  3. A mission school for girls at Bo Waterside in Cape Mount County

We cannot achieve any of this important work without the support of concerned people like you. Please help create a society where women and girls are empowered to act boldly, deliberately and strategically on their own behalf.

For more information call +231-6-550-691 / +231-77-550-691 or visit Centre for Liberian Assistance website at or Christian Children's Fund website at

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