TLC Africa 2008

Snap Shots from a trip to Lofa County, Liberia

March 2008

CARI - Central Agricultural Research Institute

Soukoko, Bong County

CARI ~ What's wrong with this picture? Insufficient funding to bring CARI back into full production.

  • TRC Annual Budget 2006 - 2007 $1,438,000.00 (USD) + a supplementary amount of $125,000 (USD)
  • CARI Annual Budget 2006 - 2007 $636,132.000 (USD) no supplementary
  • TRC Annual Budget 2007 - 2008 $1,500,450.00 (USD)
  • CARI Annual Budget 2007 - 2008 $704,521.00 (USD)

Under this critical revitalization period, where government has identify 4 pillars for rapid economic recovery, a sensitively viable institution like CARI remains abandon by budgetary resource allocation.

I have been to CARI and I have seen it's potential and it makes me ask the question, why wouldn't government invest in this institution?

CARI - Rice fields