TLC Africa 2008

Pictures from Nimba County. Destination, Yekepa

TLC Africa webmaster recently rode with friends from Monrovia to Yekepa. We took pictures of towns and villages along the way.


We left Monrovia around 11:30 PM headed to Careysburg to pick up a friend. At 1:30 AM, with everyone on board, we started the journey that would take us past Todee, BWI, Kakata, Weala, Salala, Totota, Zanzuen, Gbondoi, Gbatala, CARI, Cuttington, Gbarnga, Palala, Dukia, Nenbien, Wrenlah, Gbeddin, Sanniquellie, Zolowe, Swallow Lightpole, Flompa, Wuos Town into Yekepa.

For the most part, the road was pretty good, as compared to the Bassa and Lofa roads. Although the road is paved until you pass Gbarnga, there are many pot holes and eroded pavements, with all the conditions for a bumpy ride. The paving picks up again in Ganta, Sanniquellie and Yekepa, however, the road between these cities is not pave.

There is no light after you pass Red Light in Monrovia. There were few spots of lights in Mount Barclay, Careysburg and Kakata. Fendall, to my pleasant surprise, which is currently undergoing construction of a new campus by the Chinese, was brightly lit. We did not see light again until we neared Gbarnga at the Bangladeshi Camp. The only light came from our headlights and an occasional passing truck.


Early dawn, somewhere in Bong County

We're excited about seeing the sunrise.