Mr. Statesman

Enough things are running through my head
Wondering why so many have to hunger
Why so many can't even get a loaf of bread
I'm asking you Mr. war monger

You've come in the name of peace
To make the multitude think all is well
The future becomes blurry and extortions increase
Then heaven shifts to hell

Watch out brother Lazarus
This man claims to be a messiah
Rest assure not upon a self-acclaimed genus
He's a poor man's playa

He comes in the season of selection
Just for your ticket
After that, he kisses off your afflictions
And wallows in bastard grandiose

We're not blind, we seeing you
You use the people for your bounties
And your silver-tongue as a clue
Last warning! We're tire living in agonies

Written By: Fayiah Porter (
Chicago, IL

Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf - Unity Party Presidential Candidate, Liberia 2005

Finally, Ellen !!!

She’s patient, full of vigor, and never wavers in her views.

She has a persistent fire her opponents long for,but yet her soothing temperament unfurled as well.

Our male oriented society must rethink its stand on the gender issue, as to who can lead the nation effectively.

Yes, she has vigor and never wavers, so let’s give her a chance.

She knows no boundary, tribal, western rich or poor.

She will assimilate with all people, just to create a common ground.

She has profound characteristics of a good Leader, a trait just a few in our nation’s political past possessed.

Not so long in a distant past, we made a terrible political selection.

We had to pay through our sweat, tears, blood and lives.

Now, a new day has dawned, fear must never determine our vote.

Yes, she has the vigor and never wavers, so let’s give her a chance.

Africa must realize and do away with the notion that a woman’s place is solely domesticated.

In the twenty first century, the world has changed immensely, so we too must change for the better.

As Liberia takes her rightful place again in Africa, the world at large by the help of the United Nations, we the people must dismantle the “Business as Usual” concept.

So my Liberian people, a vote for Ellen is a stronger Liberia, where everyone is accountable for his or her actions.

Equality, Justice, and Strength---Finally, Ellen.

Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf

For President, October 2005 Election, Liberia

By: Patmandela K. Davies - Concerned citizen of Liberia