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The Need to Be Truthful - An examination of Tiawan Gongloe's criticism of candidate Brumskine -
By: Theophilus Totee Bettie


Pictures from the Friends of Brumskine Rally held on Saturday, June 25, 2005 at the Hilton Washighton North Gaithersburg

Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf: a Citizen of Only One Country- Liberia

Speech By Ellen Johnson Sirleaf

Inclusive Security: Women Waging Peace

Finally Ellen !!!

She's patient, full of vigor, and never wavers in her views. She has a persistent fire her opponents long for, but yet her soothing Full poem...

Multi-Partisan Support Emerges for Mrs. Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf



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Political Headlines

Election 2005





Campaign Begins On Bad Footing As Opposing Partisans Come Face-to-Face

The October Election a new beginning or a continuation of our hellish journey to the Abyss? by Stephen O. Adams

Who will become president of Liberia, George Oppong Weah or Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf? By Ben Browne

Liberian Politics, A Favorite Crime

Thirty Political Parties To Contest Elections 2005


Winston Tubman emerged as the Standard Bearer of the National Democratic Party of Liberia by Ciata Victor

Winston Tubman emerged as the Standard Bearer of the National Democratic Party of Liberia during the party's convention held this weekend at the Unity Conference Center in Virginia, on the outskirts of Monrovia.

According to Mr. Jackson E. Doe, Secretary General of NDPL, Tubman was selected by a vote of 333/336. Other contestants for the position of Standard Bearer included , Scott Gblorzuo Toweh, Varney Konneh, E. Sumo Jones, Glady Beyan, and General Rudolf Kolaco.

According to reports from the convention, 5 of the 6 presidential aspirants had requested postponement of the party's convention held on June 25 and 26, until July 29, to allow them time to prepare. Their request was denied by a 45 Member Executive board, who had already voted twice on the date of the Convention. Some members of NDPL express the view point that these individuals knew they were contesting for the position of Standard Bearer since the the Comprehensive Peace Agreement was signed in Ghana, which should have provided them sufficient time to prepare to meet the requirements of the party.

Although E. Sumo Jones and Scott Gblorzue Toweh were in Monrovia during the convention they did not attend.

Since NDPL convention, the Toweh camp has sent out email crying foul against the vote for Winston Tubman as standard bearer of the party.

The National Democratice Party along with the True Whig party and the National Patriotic Party, are the only 3 ruling parties in Liberia. NDPL, was founded by the late president, Samuel Kanyon Doe in 1984 to contest the 1985 elections. Doe was the party's first standard bearer and George Boley became the second, when he contested the presidency on behalf of the party during the 1997 Special Elections.

- The End -

POSITION STATEMENT ~ In Defense of the late Dr. Harry F. Moniba: A reaction to John Morlu Campaign's scathing assaults on the legacy of Dr. Moniba and the honor of his family. More..
  • A Message to our Presidential Candidates By Julius L. Weeks

  • Today, I came across an electronic article on The Economist titled "Africa's Most Wanted Man" (May 12th 2005). The thought that immediately popped in my mind was "Could they be referring to Charles Taylor?" Sure enough they were. I suddenly got an overwhelmingly sad feeling regarding how drastically "our world" had changed along with the rest of our planet.


    Liberia, our great patrimony, has two great distinctions within the spectrum of its historical sequence. Firstly, as the oldest independent black Republic and the beacon of hope for emerging Africa in its struggles to unhinge the shackles of western imposed colonialism and imperialism. Secondly, and I do not say this in jest, we also bear the distinct honor of holding the record in the Guinness Book of...

  • Absentee Voting for Liberia

    Despite the end of voter registration last month, modification can be made to accommodate absentee ballot. We have entered into uncharted territory; thus, we should be optimistic about implementing absentee ballot during this forthcoming general election because monumental changes have already been made to the Liberian constitution, specifically foregoing census during the upcoming elections, accommodating IDPs voter registration, etc. More

  • How Many Presidential Candidates Liberia Need?

    Once a certain greedy man went to God and asked for more land. God asked, "How much land do you need?" "I need all," the man answered. God said, " By sun rise tomorrow, you must start from the point you are standing and walk as far away as you wish, but must be back at this same point by sunset, any land that falls within the distance you cover will be yours." More...

  • The Liberia Campaign For Out Of Country Voting for All Liberians

    Fellow Liberians and Friends of Liberia. For too long Liberians have allowed themselves to be taken for granted by others and by their fellow Liberians. Hundreds of thousands of Liberians living abroad are being excluded from participating in their nation's historic national elections.... More

  • NTLA Has No Rights to Change Elections Dates - "NTLA under the law has no right to tell us to change elections days or dates.," The Chairman of the Elections Commission (NEC), Frances Johnson Morris said yesterday in reaction to recent calls by the National Transitional Legislative Assembly (NTLA) for the extension of voters' registration and postponement of general elections until mid December. More...

  • Readers Comments - Julius Weeks Response to Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf: Presidential aspirant or war criminal?
  • Several Proposed Parties In Liberia To Face Probe For Alleged Fraudulent Activities - (By Josephus Moses Gray)

    Several proposed political parties are expected to undergo thorough investigation and may face the wrath of the National Election Commission (NEC) for the their alleged involvement in fraudulent political activities if their investigation shows that the allegations are true.

  • NEC Says It Will Decide Weah's CDC Fate Soon - The Liberian National Elections Commission says based upon the findings of the Special Committee, the Board of Commissioners will now review findings and give a final position of the NEC in line with its guidelines relative to the registration of political parties and independent candidates.

  • Former Agriculture Minister Joins the Race - Supporters of former Agriculture Minister S. Gblorzuo Toweh, say the National Democratic Party of Liberia (NDPL) has accepted is candidature to contest as standard bearer during the party's primary.

Ellen Takes Bold Step; Apologizing for Comment

Philadelphia, Pa. April 24, 2005. Mrs. Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf, The Unity Party presidential More...

Cocktail Reception in Recognition of Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf

The Family, Friends, and Well-wishers Of Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf Cordially invite you To a Cocktail Reception in Recognition Of Her Outstanding Qualities and Dedicated Service On Friday, April 29, 2005, Washington DC. Details...

Liberian Entrepreneurs Join the Election Race

April 25, 2005, Washington, DC. Global CSS, a firm founded by Liberians, has launched Liberia 2005, a voter education and awareness campaign to ensure that Liberians are informed of the procedures and processes for the upcoming Liberian elections slated for October 11, 2005. "There are over 50 candidates who have registered, have registrations pending, or are exploring the opportunity to run for the presidency of Africa's oldest democratic republic. This is a crucial time in Liberia's history and Liberians should be provided with detailed information to make an informed decision as to who will lead the country," stated Global CSS president, Mr. Tupin K. Morgan. More..

Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf drawing attention in Liberian political circles

(Philadelphia, Pa April 21, 2005): Mrs. Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, the Unity Party's Presidential candidate in the October 2005 Liberian elections, has been drawing considerable attention in Liberian political circles in the United States since she arrived here to serve as keynote speaker at the All Liberia National Conference in Columbia, Maryland. More

Where Are The International Partners?

By T. Q. Harris

Surprisingly, the biggest disappointment as it relates to Liberia's current transition from war to peace is not the highly corrupt National Transitional Government (NTGL); rather, it is the manner in which the international players have bungled the process. More...

Out-of-Country Voting Campaign for Liberians in the Diaspora

Liberians residing in the United States are intensifying their efforts to ensure their participation in the October general elections in Liberia by casting their votes in America through the Out-of-Country Voting (OCV) process. Full story

Multi-Partisan Support Emerges for Mrs. Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf

As Liberia's first democratic and post war elections gets in gear, Liberian residents in the United States, who are from different political parties and with different political ideologies have organized themselves as LIBERIANS FOR ELLEN (LIFE) in support of Mrs. Ellen Johnson Sirleaf's presidency in the ensuing October 2005 general and presidential elections. Full story

Varney Sherman
Expands His Campaign Efforts

Liberians from several States gathered in Bladensburg, Maryland on Saturday,
March 19, 2005, to discuss the candidacy of Cllr. Varney Sherman for the presidency of Liberia, determine how they could effectively support their candidate, how they can lawfully participate in the upcoming 2005 campaign and elections Full story

Filmmaker Eric Kagan's new Film About Liberia-"Rebirth of a Nation"

"Re-Birth of a Nation" is the chronicle of present day Liberia, seeking to overcome the chaos of its immediate past of the last twenty-five years. Eric Kagan is the Co-Producer of "Rebirth of a Nation," along with Billy Frank of Make It Happen Productions.

To paraphrase Franklin Delano Roosevelt, "This generation of [Liberians] has a rendezvous with destiny." In the main, this documentary follows the people of Liberia and the progress of the Presidential campaign of Ambassador Winston A. Tubman, former UN Envoy to Somalia and Liberia's renowned international statesman.

According to the Producers, "Mr. Tubman has the credentials, the knowledge, the charm, the wit, and grace to hopefully and by peaceful means restore democracy to Liberia-creating the "Rebirth of a Nation."

To view the presentation trailer please click here.


George Weah and CDC Platform



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