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  Political Headlines

Liberian Entrepreneurs Join the Election Race

April 25, 2005, Washington, DC. Global CSS, a firm founded by Liberians, has launched Liberia2005, a voter education and awareness campaign to ensure that Liberians are informed of the procedures and processes for the upcoming Liberian elections slated for October 11, 2005. "There are over 50 candidates who have registered, have registrations pending, or are exploring the opportunity to run for the presidency of Africa's oldest democratic republic. This is a crucial time in Liberia's history and Liberians should be provided with detailed information to make an informed decision as to who will lead the country," stated Global CSS president, Mr. Tupin K. Morgan.

Liberia2005 is a nonpartisan voter education campaign that aims to serve as a forum where Liberians and friends of Liberia can access information provided by the National Election Commission of Liberia (NEC) and the candidates themselves. Working in conjunction with academia, the media, the business community, community based organizations, governmental and non-governmental organizations, Liberia2005 aims to bring to fore the election process utilizing technology to assist the citizens of a nation torn by over 14 years of civil war in their acquisition of information that will allow them to exercise their democratic freedom and make an informed decision on election day. The project serves the public by:

  • Providing general election information on the rules and procedures for voter registration

  • Providing information on the rules and procedures for candidates' participation set by the National Election Commission

  • Providing information on registered candidates, including their biography, curriculum vitae, party affiliation, and party platform

  • Managing an online debate that highlights key issues affecting the future of the country

  • Conducting polling of candidate responses to debate questions

  • Conducting issue polling with active results display

  • Highlighting the Transitional Government's activities promoting the election process in and outside of Liberia

  • Highlighting election news and events

  • Providing event information of registered candidates' appearances and town hall meetings

  • Highlighting international organizations working on elections activities

Liberia2005 is an initiative under Global CSS' Global Difference Program (GDP) ™, a development initiative that utilizes local talents to enhance local institutional capacity for sustainability. According to Global CSS Vice President Mr. Axel Addy, "Liberia2005 will provide a much needed free platform for the National Election Commission, the political parties, and the candidates. This is an opportunity for the parties and candidates to make their case to the world."

For more information on Liberia2005, please visit our website at, email or contact us at 1-888-517-7618.

Message From Hon, Scott Gblorzuo Toweh announcing his intentions to run in elections 2005.