Message From Hon, Scott Gblorzuo Toweh

Monrovia, Liberia, March 8, 2005

Fellow Liberians, Friends of Liberia, Supporters, Well-wishers, Friends, & Family:

With excitement over the potential for great possibilities in Liberia, I bring you greetings from the nation's capital, Monrovia. Indeed it is refreshing to note that the little things, too, matter. That is, for example, the buses still run from Lakpasee, Old Road, Airfield, Paynesville, etc. to Jamaica Road, Logan Town, New Kru Town, Duala, etc. and, of course, the cool and soothing Atlantic sea breeze never ceases to blow.

In my farewell message to you only a few days ago, I spoke of returning home
to engage fully in the campaign for the soul of Liberia to provide economic
opportunities for ordinary Liberians and to restore their dignity. Now, I am pleased to inform you that I arrived safely. More importantly, not only do I appreciate the enormity of communicating the vision of the new Liberia I came to help build but also I am now in direct contact with the ordinary Liberians I often spoke about. Day-in-day-out since my arrival, I see faces, look into the eyes of ordinary Liberians ”young and old, men and women, etc.” and sense the frustrations I came to help ease and the hopes and dreams I am here to help transform into reality.

I want you to know also that I consulted with some elders and chiefs of Nimba County and, further, accepted their advice that I make the declaration to contest the Liberian Presidency in Nimba by the end of March 2005. This time-table will afford me the opportunity to prepare for the party convention scheduled for early April 2005.

Pursuant to the ceremony in Nimba County to declare my intention for contesting the Liberian Presidency, I have dispatched two teams, one to Sanniquellie and the other to Tappita, to inform the remaining chiefs and elders. A tentative budget for the occasion is in excess of US $6000.

In view of the importance of the occasion in Nimba coupled with the limited time we have, I would be delighted were you to coordinate fundraising expeditiously with our supporters in Minnesota, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Georgia, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, and other places in the United States. I intend, during this week, to open an account with a local bank in Monrovia to facilitate remittances from you. Once I do that, I will forward the
information to you.

I look forward to hearing from you by mid March 2005.

Thanks for your support in the campaign to make Liberia work for all
irrespective of ethnicity, creed, or national origin.


Scott Gblorzuo Toweh
Candidate for President of Liberia
Send donation to: Daniel B Mahn
11230 Evans Trail
Apt. 103
Beltsville, MD 20705