SABATICAL - On God's Time

SABA - Performer/Edutainer
"God's time is always the best time." - extracted from the title track lyrics

Almost three years after her amazingly successful debut album, sensational vocalist Saba, has once again imprinted an indelible mark on her artistic expression with the release of a smash gospel album uniquely-titled, Sabatical - On God's Time. "During my three-year absence from the recording studio, I used that opportunity to think about life's many challenges." It is obvious that her time away has been spent in reflection and deep thought, for these melodies are deeply spiritual. "I have resolved within myself that when you're faced with an obstacle and pray for guidance, you've got to wait on the Lord's time; His time is always the best time." As Saba's sonorous vocals belt out melodious tunes on this album, we hear the passion that she has for the Almighty and her testimony is deeply felt within the lyrics. "We tend to want God to answer our prayers instantly, but we have to wait on His time," says the artist. She continues unpretentiously, "I was inspired by the importance of taking time off to personally reflect on the things that are timeless in our lives, such as love, hope and the pursuit of happiness."

Without a doubt, Saba's new album, Sabatical - On God's Time is a musical expedition of some conventional Christian hymns arranged and sung in varying harmonious styles that are distinctively reflective of her different musical influences and versatility - from contemporary and reggae gospel to African Soukous gospel. The introspective title track, an original song on this album, On God's Time shows that Saba dares to share gospel music with lyrics and styles negated by the usual boundaries - appetizingly different lyrical messages that speak to everyday issues. Saba thinks that this song is the cornerstone of the album. "I have always wanted to produce an album that was not the usual 'Sunday morning' experience." Saba, who balances entertainment with teaching, goes on to add that "it is OK for Christians to be upbeat and my music reflects that disposition"

Sabatical is produced by a top-notch ensemble of musical masterminds, including the famed and unparalleled Congolese band, Soukous Stars, winners of the "Best Soukous Act" at the 22nd Annual International Reggae & World Music Awards in New York City - May 13, 2003; Tanzania's Ubwe Martin and Jamaica's Dean Reynolds. The album features an inspired star-studded production of the title track: On God's Time, from the legendary and illustrious African musical band, Soukous Stars who complement Saba with its signature sounds that are so familiar to fans all over the world. Sabatical's infectious ballads, smooth grooves and upbeat jams not only support, but also enhance and illuminate both Saba's voice and her lyrics. Enjoy this cultural gospel experience that's dedicated to the voices, past and present of the glee club of the Booker Washington Institute in Kakata, Liberia.

CD Tracks

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· Glory Hymn
· Just A Closer Walk With Thee
· King's Highway (Reggae)
· Pray For Me
· Kpakule
· Jesus Katone
· King's Highway (Soukous)
· On God's Time (featuring Soukous Stars)
· How Great Thou Art
· Till We Meet Again
· Bonus Video Track - Saba Movie

Sabatical - On God's Time will be released in three weeks, just in time for the holidays!

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