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The Muah Brothers in position to take full control of GOL’s Interest in the Cable Consortium of Liberia (CCL)

By Ciata Victor

Sebastian Muah - Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Cable Consortium of Liberia (CCL) and Deputy Minister of Finance
Paul Muah - Deputy Managing Director of LIBTELCO

Monrovia - January 2, 2014: In October 2013, the Chairman of the Cable Consortium of Liberia (CCL) and the government representative to the Consortium, Eden Charles Reeves resigned his position at the Finance Ministry citing a lack of support from the Ministry for the IT related projects he managed.  Eden Reeves exit opened the way for Sebastian Muah to slide into CCL in the key position of Chairman of the Board of Directors with responsibility over the management of GOL 55% interest in the Cable Consortium. 

With baby brother Paul Muah strategically placed at LIBTELCO and set to take over the leadership of the Corporation which includes the management of LIBTELCO’s 20% interest in CCL, the brothers Sebastian and Paul Muah if Paul is appointed by the President to serve as Managing Director of LIBTELCO, are set to control 75% of Liberia’s Fiber capacity and 100% of the Government of Liberia entire investment in the ACE Cable System and the Cable Consortium of Liberia.

Is it coincidental that the brothers are about to find themselves in the position of controlling Liberia’s fiber capacity?  I don’t think so.   Some in the sector see the recent play at LIBTELCO in which Managing Director Ben Wolo and the Board were suspended, as part of the political maneuvering by older brother Sebastian Muah to ensure that younger brother Pau Muah becomes the next Managing Director of LIBTELCO, giving him control over the management of the corporation’s 20% share in CCL. 

With all the pieces in place, the stage has been set and the recent political maneuvering by older brother Sebastian has already resulted in the suspension of the managing director and board of directors of the corporation who were suspended on December 20, 2013 by the President for failure to follow PPCC procedure.  Younger brother Paul has already been strategically placed in the key position of Deputy Managing Director and with this latest maneuver, is set to become the next Managing Director.  All that is left to complete checkmate for the brohters to gain full control of the Government's interest in CCL is presidential appointment of Paul Muah as Managing Director of LIBTELCO.

If the Muah brothers do succeed in their maneuver for positions at CCL, they would be in full control of 100% of the Government of Liberia Investment in the technology of Fiber Optics and managers of 75% of the country’s fiber capacity including LIBTELCO's 20% share couple with GOL 55% share. With the amount of political maneuvering that occurred in the last year and a half to get Paul Muah in and Ben Wolo out of LIBTELCO, carried out by the men who control the government purse string, who can make or break your project by providing or denying funding, it is no wonder that LIBTELCO could not get the Government Guarantee needed from Finance Ministry to start construction of the Distribution Network. It also makes sense now why Amara Konneh would ask John Davis to wait, when Amara was approached on the subject of Government Guarantee for LBDI to facilitate the loan for LiBTELCO. "Just wait a little bit" Amara said, I guess he wanted to wait until Ben was out.

Should the government of Liberia be concerned with the brothers attempt to gain control of all of its investment in CCL, I would think so, but then who am I? I am just one of the seven casualties of their political maneuvering to make Paul Muah MD.

Other members of the Cable Consortium of Liberia include Lonestar Communications with 10%, Cellcom with 10% and Novafon with 5%.