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Review #2

A Review by Edward Benson, MBA, PHD, former Dean of Forestry, University of Liberia and retired State Executive of the State of Michigan.

Slaves to Racism, An Unbroken Chain from America to Liberia by Dr. Benjamin G. and Anita K. Dennis, Algora Publishing, New York, NY, pp 247, December 2008.

Dr. Dennis is an African American of the Liberian Mende tribe and his wife, also a sociologist and anthropologist , is an American national. He has double doctorate degrees in Sociology and anthropology, and is a retired Professor of the University of Michigan - Flint.

The book is a major documentation on racism in the United States and its negative impact on the founding (history) and subsequent development of Liberia beginning in 1820. The Dennises present a strong and convincing description based on broad social and historical perspectives of how free American blacks and former slaves transported a slavery mentality to Liberia and infused it in their interrelationships with the natives. This relationship strongly attributed to the 1980 coup d'état and the indisputable disruption in Liberia's development.

This gripping book is a must-read for Americans, Liberians and others committed to developmental nation building. It concludes with significant recommendations of a path for future development after a 14-year war that devastated the Liberian economy and infrastructure. - The End -




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