Monrovia is the capital of the Republic of Liberia, West Africa

Detail Memory Maps of Monrovia

(These maps do not accurately portray the layout of current day Monrovia, the original map is owned by Relief Web.  I added names names of the street)

  • Zone 1 - Downtown Monrovia or as the Liberians call it "In Town" Monrovia

  • Zone 2 - Capitol Hill, University of Liberia

  • Zone 3 - Sinkor, Fiamah, Larkpase, Congotown, Matadi

  • Zone 4 - Bushrod Island - coming soon...


Zone 1 - Monrovia City Map

Parallel Streets from the Atlantic to the Mesurado River
  • United Nations Drive
  • Sekou Toure Ave.
  • Benson Street
  • Broad Street
  • Ashmun Street
  • Front Street
  • Water Street
Intersecting Streets from Ducor Snapper Hill to Crown Hill
  • Newport Street
  • Mechlin Street
  • Randall Street
  • Gurley Street
  • Center Street
  • Lynch Street
  • Clay Street

UN Drive runs through Mamba Point leading to Cape Montserrado which leads to Water Street also known as Waterside.


The 2 Bridges that moves motorist and pedestrians from Main land Monrovia to Bushrod Island are:

  • The Mesurado Bridge also known as the Old Bridge or Via Town Bridge.  This bridge crosses the Mesurado River into Via town, Bushrod Island.
  • The second bridge, the Gabriel Johnson Tucker Bridge is the newest of the 2 bridge and it also crosses the Mesurado River and connects Main Land Monrovia to Via Town/ Bushrod Island . The bridge was completed in 1979 under the Tolbert Administration.   It is also known as the Johnson Street Bridge or the New Bridge. 

The Johnson Street bridge is the only access to the historical Providence Island.  Before the bridge was built the ferry was the only way to the island.  Two sets of spiraling stairways descend on both side of the Bridge to Providence island

Towns in Bushrod Island.  The Bushrod Island are is commonly refer to as "Across the Bridge".
  • Via Town
  • Clara Town
  • Gardnersville Road
  • Jamaica Road
  • Logan Town
  • Caldwell Junction
  • New Kru Town Junction
  • Caldwell Junction
  • Caldwell Road
  • Dwalla Road
  • Saint Paul River
Beyond Saint Paul River
  • Hotel Africa Junction
  • Brewerville
  • Clay Ashland Junction
  • Ricks Junction
  • Po River Junction
  • Po River
  • Clay Junction

Cape Mount




Zone 2 - Capitol Hill, University of Liberia, City Hall

What's in the area of the Capitol

  • The Temple of Justice
  • The Courts
  • The Executive Mansion
  • ELBC

The University of Liberia



Zone 3 - Sinkor, Fiamah, Larkpase, Congotown, Matadi


These streets intersect with Tubman Boulevard, the main road that leads into Sinkor and Congotown from the City of Monrovia.  I

  • 9th Street
  • 10th Street
  • 11th Street
  • 12th Street
  • 13th Street
  • 14th Street
  • 15th Street
  • 16th Street
  • 17th Street
  • 18th Street

These streets run parallel to Tubman Boulevard.

  • Payne Avenue
  • Tubman Blvd
  • Sinkor Old Road

Housing Estates in Monrovia - government funded housing projects that were built in the 1970s to provide affordable housing to the residents of Monrovia.

  • New Georgia Estate
  • Mardi Estate
  • New Georgia Estate