Introducing TLC Africa Magazine 1st Paper Edition.


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One of the things we have consistently done here at TLC, is look for new and better ways of improving the services we offer to the community.

In 2004, one of the criticism I heard most often from elderly Liberians, is that they feel excluded, because they also want to stay abreast with current events in Liberia and communities abroad, but they like many others, do not have access to the Internet.

In response to this need, I am pleased to say that in this first quarter of 2005, we have taken the website to another level, with the publication and release of the first paper edition of TLC Africa Magazine.

The new full color paper magazine will be publish quarterly. The March issue contains 44 pages of important articles, photos and stories featured on the website. We also included other interesting material that we reserved only for publication in the Magazine.

The Magazine can be purchased online for $12.00 which includes shipping, and $10.00 locally in the Maryland area.

If you have parents and other relatives like my mother, who insist I print and deliver to her regularly, information from the web site, you may want to consider purchasing subscriptions of the Magazine for them. We will mail the Magazine directly to them quarterly.

TLC Africa Magazine 1st Paper Edition

What's in sections of the March issue?

Africa: Togo's Faure Gnassingbe, another illegitimate African Leader


  • Top contenders for the next president of the Republic of Liberia
  • Disenfranchising Liberians - The 2005 Vote by James W. Harris

Profile: Carolyn Cole and her Pulitzer prize winning photographs of "Monrovia Under Siege"

Diplomat: John W. Blaney III - Diplomat of the year by Arthur Dennis

Photo Album: Monrovia Under Siege

Poetry: by Joseph G. Richards

Other sections include: Entertainment; Health; Immigration and an Obituary section because TLC Magazine would be incomplete without it.

Buy an individual copy or an annual subscription for yourself, a family member or friend and help keep others informed on what is happening in Liberia, West Africa and our communities abroad. "Remember Information is Power"