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In Loving Memory of Vivian Philips Baio
May 4, 1945 - April 10, 2010

Our hearts were broken a year ago when our precious mother, aunt, grandma, mentor forever loved departed this life for eternity. Your departure has left an indelible mark which will never fade. It was one of the painful times for this family. The strength you had to keep on fighting was based upon your relationship with God as a Christian. Your laughter, jokes or just being you will remain with us forever. Your smile was a hope to many and your great achievements are written on the tablet of many hearts. Many of us attempt to understand but could not fully grasp your Love, Compassion, Forgiving Spirit, Patience, Perseverance, Willingness to uphold the truth, Passion for work. Deep in our hearts you will always stay loved and remembered everyday.

Tributes by family members

By Desmond
If we could have had our way we would have deeply love to let you stay but again the Lord knows why He allowed your untimely death. However, we are pretty sure that you have gone ahead to prepare a place for us till we meet again in paradise.

By Tinovell
Sweet dreams mom!
I'll start by saying "mom I miss you".
Sweet smile on you face as you sleep your pain away. Although you are in heaven with the Lord, I do love and miss you mom. He needed another angel in the Heavenly choir.

As you promised, you are watching down on me. I never would have imagined the end would be like this mom, me comforting you mom, holding your hand. Telling you not to worry was not an easy thing for me to do. And even in your weakest hours you tried to comfort me too, caressing my face while you smile and calming my soul as only a mother could. You have always been there through the thick and thin no matter what, unconditionally loving me. You told me the key to success is learning from the past ensuring a brighter future is now the present task. A pillar of strength even until the end fighting all life's battles, pushing me to be the best I can be, I still have that mom at the back of my head.
I miss you more than these words can say. My eyes still shed countless more tears. I wish you could have stayed just a little while longer. Writing this is one of the hardest things I have done since you left mom. I love you. Sleep on mom only God have answers to my questions.

By Genevieve
You were a true teacher. Your most profound lesson to me was in your death. I miss you terribly, have loved you dearly but now move on to reflect those values you ingrained in me.
Goodnight Miss May. God Bless.

By Melrose
Mother oh mother! What a wonderful woman you were. You always put people first.

Mum was my best friend. Whenever I had a problem I called her and told her what was going on in my life. She always gave me words of encouragement and taught me how to be strong in life and put my trust in God not in humans. She was a strong woman who took care of her eight biological children, her step children and adapted children.

I have a lot of pain in my heart. Only God knows how I feel inside. May God bless you always.

By Elijah
Time pass so quickly and this mark your one year since your departure from this evil world. Act.2:40. As we try to learn from and understand your departure, we realize that we have made some good and bad decisions and with God's help we are now doing our best.

I call you my best friend and a true mom not because you are my mom but was a true friend who helped others in their journey. I'm also thankful to God and you for the support I received in my ministry. Many of my lessons were preached to you first at home while you look on with an indulgent smile on your face. At times you will say "What are you doing son"? Many times we chatted all night and your daughter Genevieve will say, "Will you people not sleep?" and with a smile you will answer "Don't I have my own eyes?". As I look back, memories such as those bring smile to my face.

This past year has been one of challenges and opportunities. It is painful that you are not here to share these moments with me. But through the eyes of faith, I can see you smiling down upon me as I live out a life that will make you proud.

I miss you and love you.
Rest in Peace.

By Felicia
Miss May, as she was called and will always be called, by her wonderful children.

Your memories I take with me in my heart because they are unforgettable. Your smile brings laughter to the broken hearted and lights up the dark.
"Be still and know that I am God" was one of your favorite hymns. I still remember you singing and praising the Lord even in the shower.

Rest in peace, miss May. Although you left us, but your memory will never ever be forgotten. You were such a great and loving mother. Thanks for loving me deeply and dearly.

By The Nieces and Nephews
(Bankole, Rosina, Sylvester, Clinton, Valarie and all her grand nieces and nephews)
One whole year ago we stopped hearing your voice and your unique laughter but it is not ours to know the reason, why unanswered is our prayer, but ours to wait for God's own time to lift the Cross we bear. Broken is the family circle, our dear Aunt passed away, but we all must cease to languish over the grave of those we love and strive to be prepared to meet them in the better world above.
The happy times we spent together your generous life you lived and shared, your sense of caring and comforting is surely missed by all those that connected with you during the years you spent on earth.

Miss May, God loves you and decided that you be with Him in a peaceful place where you were made whole again and be with your mother, sisters, daughter, niece, nephew and brother-in-law.

We will continue to live a life that will make you proud till we meet again.



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