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FEBRUARY 15, 1919 – AUGUST 14, 2015

We join the Mayson Family to mourn with profound sadness; but to celebrate the awesome life of their Mother, Grandmother, Great Grandmother, Sister, Aunty and Cousin, Mrs. Frances Florence T. Mayson; a devout Christian, Educator, Philanthropist; and the Matriarch of Lexington, “Torboryehn” Sinoe County.

Mother Mayson was a contemporary of our late parents/grandparents, Annie and H.C. Williamson of Lexington, Sinoe County. Prior to the Liberian Civil War, Lexington was a township in which the Americo –Liberians, the “Congoes”, the Krus and the Sarpos got along very well.  Although, it was not always the case, because Lexington was burned down twice in the Kru – Settlers wars of 1856 and 1862 respectively.   However, through the years, the various ethnic groups learned to live together; inter married; have children together; go to school and church together. God Ma Frances was one of those uniters and reformers that made Lexington one of the most peaceful and loving places to live ; not only in Sinoe County, but Liberia as a whole.  As a matter of fact, God Ma Frances belonged to both the Americo-Liberian and the Kru ethnic groups.  Her Mother, the Great Old Lady Monbo was from the Kru (Klahn Wein) ethnic group. Old Lady Monbo died at the age of 107. The Mayson Family is therefore comprised of elements of the major ethnic groups in Sinoe; as well as many other ethnic groups in Liberia; and has even expanded to include other nationalities around the world.  Thus, the Maysons started off as a local family, but expanded into a global family comprising of Africans, Europeans and Americans who are called  Maysons and can trace their roots to Lexington “Torboryehn”, Sinoe County.

 Lexington is comprised of two streets – Down-the Street and the Up-the-Street.  Mother Mayson and her late Husband, Honorable Sammy Mayson, along with their children and throngs of extended family lived Down-the-Street.  Our parents, along with throng of extend family members lived Up-the Street.  In Lexington during the time we were growing up, everybody was family.  Mother Frances Mayson was referred to in many affectionate ways as: “Con Frances”, “God Ma Frances”, “Teacher Frances”, “Sister Frances”, “Ma Frances”, etc. 
Depending on which route you took to enter Lexington, God Ma Frances’ home was either the first or the last home you saw. If you were driving into Lexington or walking from Up-the- Street, God Ma Frances’ home was the last home in Lexington. If you were coming from Greenville via Farmersville, you ultimately will have to board a canoe to enter Lexington.  The first house from the Lexington Creek is the Mayson’s residence.

 God Ma Frances went beyond and above the call of duty to be hospitable to people entering or leaving Lexington.  Even after midnight and diverse hours of the day when Lexingtonians were returning from Greenville; and there were no canoe to cross them safely into Lexington, she or her husband would have one of their family members to go and cross the stranded resident.  How did they know?  There was usually a loud voice echoing from across the Lexington creek, which sounded like this: 
“ooooooohhhhhhhweeeeeeeooohhhhh!    ooooooohhhhhhhweeeeeeeooohhhhh!
This echo would continue throughout until the person in distress heard a similar response: “ooooooohhhhhhhweeeeeeeooohhhhh!” Meaning, help was on the way because God Ma Frances or “Con Sammy” had designated one of the big boys in the house to get the canoe and rescue the person in distressed.

God Ma Frances lived her life doing good every where she went – be it Lexington, Lagos or Los Angeles!  Many Liberians and other nationals in these cities can testify to this statement.   In Lexington, she was always doing good.  She gave the ground floor of her home to house the H.C. Birch Kindergarten and Elementary School.  For many, many years, Lexington kids of the 1960’s and 70’s can attest to this.  We learned our ABC, Primer One, Primer Two and Infant Reader right there in the house of God Ma Frances Mayson. Imagine hosting kindergarten and elementary kids in a wooden- framed house mounted on concrete pillars! Throughout the school year, we were stumping our feet, yelling and singing those old kindergarten songs: “Picking up the paw-paw”; “Under the Juniper Tree” “The More We Are Together”, etc. Many of the kids who were singing these songs grew up to become ministers of the Gospel, medical doctors, lawyers, college professors, engineers, diplomats, politicians, civil servants, and business executives.

God Ma Frances did not only touch Lexington, she touched Liberia and the Globe by producing great men and women who are contributing greatly to the development of the human race.  Her own children Mrs. Emily Mayson – Peal, Ambassador Dew Tuan Wleh Mayson, Captain Samuel Mayson and Dr. Robert “Bobby” Mayson; have not only impacted Liberia, but the world. They have been able to do so because God Almighty awesomely transplanted their Mother’s DNA in each of them. Like their Mother, They love people.  They love to help. Going above and beyond the call of duty, is something they do unpretentiously. The excellent qualities of her son, Ambassador Dew Tuan Wleh Mayson have been recorded in books, stored in libraries; broadcasted on TV and radios all around the globe.  Captain Mayson her dear son has safely piloted virtually every nationality on the planet.  Dr. Robert Mayson, by virtue of his awesome medical practice in Liberia and the United States, has brought healing and relief to people of so many nationalities across the universe. Mrs. Emily Mayson-Peal is impacting the lives of thousands of Liberians through her humanitarian initiatives. 

The Children and Grand Children of H. C. and Annie Williamson , remembered when their Father/Grandfather, was in a near death situation, it was Dr Mayson, who went beyond the call duty and full of the love of God, transmitted to him by his Mother Frances; to save our Father/Grandfather from death or a vegetative state.  The Children/Grandchildren of H.C. and Annie Williamson remembered, the unfaltering love showered upon our Father/Granddad by Ambassador Dew Tuan Wleh Mayson, beloved Son of Frances Florence T. Mayson.  Ambassador Mayson constantly flew back and forth to Atlanta to visit our Old Man, when he was ill; not forgetting to tell our Old man that he was sent by his Mother. Ambassador Mayson also fully participated in giving Rev. H. Cicero Williamson, Jr. a fitting and honorable burial. You see Frances Mayson implanted not only her DNA, but all of her values, virtues, philosophies in her children.  Therefore, if you have seen them, you have seen Frances T. Mayson. If you have experienced the kindness and humanity of these children, then you have also experienced the kindness and humanity of the late Frances Florence T. Mayson.

God Ma Frances Florence Thomas Mayson certainly touched the Globe.  A beautiful soul who made this world a better place has left us with an indelible legacy of Life, Love and Laughter. She was a Great Woman who left her footprints on the sands of time. 
                                              Fare Thee Well God Ma!
                                              In the Sweet Bye and Bye
                                              We shall meet you on those Beautiful Shores;
                                              If we make Christ the Prize of our lives!

                                           Mrs. Gertrude Williamson-King
                                            Aaron Von Williamson, Esq.
                                            Mr.  J. Henry Teah