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A Commentary by Ciata Victor

Broadband is Available in Liberia ~ The People involved and their roles in delivering the ACE Project in Liberia

December 21, 2012 - ACE Project Status: Delivered

Bringing Fiber Optic to Liberia was a dream shared by many, and once Ben Wolo identified a cable Liberia could connect to, it wasn't difficult to get others who shared the dream to come on board. Between 2009 - 2012, the ACE project became the largest and most important project many of us have worked on in our professional careers.

Building the 17,000 km Submarine Cable System from Penmarch, France, to Cape Town, South Africa, at depths close to 6,000 meters below sea level, at the cost of $700 Million Dollars, was a collaborative effort between France Telecom, The ACE Consortium, Alcatel Lucent, The World Bank, Governments and the Private Sector.

How do we feel today, now that the Africa Coast to Europe (ACE) system has officially launched? Grateful to have participated, gratified to have delivered and ecstatic for Liberia's future in technology.

Her Excellency, Madam President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf


Benjamin Wolo - LIBTELCO Managing Director and member of the ACE Management Committee (MC)
Ciata Victor - Director LIBTELCO and member of the ACE Procurement Group (PG)
Daniel Brewer - CCL Station Manager
Angelique Weeks - LTA Chairperson and Vice Chair for the ACE Management Committee (MC)
Members of the Liberian Delegation in the Gambia at the ACE Submarine Cable System Launch

Eden Charles Reeves, Blidi Elliott, Ciata Victor, Ben Wolo, Angelique Weeks, Kimmie Weeks, Wiliam Saamoi, Kolubahzizi T. Howard and Senator Gbehzohn-Gar Findley

Station Engineer - Linus Geboe
Station Engineer - Francis Sorsor
Station Engineers with Station Coach

People involved

Her Excellency, Madam President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf - Who shared the vision and secured funding from the World Bank for this important technology for Liberia. Without her help and determination to see this cable land in Liberia, we who worked on the project would not be here celebrating today. From Liberians at home and abroad, we say "Thank you Ma Ellen, this technology will transform our people and our ideas!".

LIBTELCO Managing Director and Director of the year 2012, Ben Wolo - who took the lead, identified and secured a position for LIBTELCO and Liberia in the ACE Consortium, changing the game for LIBTELCO and giving LIBTELCO an edge in Liberia's competitive telecommunication market.

LIBELCO Board of Directors- Ciata Victor, James Cooper, Olu Menjay (Current Chair), Musa Dean (Former Chair), Randolph McClain (Former Chair), Floyd Thomas, Jackson E. Doe, Dr. El Mohamed Sheriff, Harwene Tyee (former Board Member), and Jemina Caulcrick (former Board Member)

LIBTELCO Staffers: LIBTELCO Legal Counsel, Mrs. Mabande; Vernon Scott, Victor Dennis, Director of Engineering; Transmission Engineers: Linus Gebeo & Francis Sorsor, and other LIBTELCO staffers who contributed in many ways to the success of this project in Liberia including Danny Doe (former LIBTELCO employee).

Liberia Telecommunication Authority (LTA) Board of Commissioners - Angelique Weeks , Abdullah L. Kamara, Lamini A. Waritay, Henry W. Benson, Harry T. Yuan and Counselor Wiefueh Alfred Sayah (Former Legal Counsel of the LTA)

The LTA Board of Commissioners had the task of insuring that Liberia complied with the World Bank requirements for funding. One requirement was to form a SPV to own, manage and operate the Liberia Landing which led to the formation of the Cable Consortium of Liberia (CCL).

West Africa Regional Communications Infrastructure Program (WARCIP) provided incredible assistance to the Cable Consortium of Liberia. WARCIP members includes: Blidi Elliott, Walter Dean, and Kolubahzizi T. Howard.

Cellcom - William Saamoi & Cellcom Management, Board of Directors, Cellcom Legal Counsel and Transmission Engineers: Jallah Kamara, Sateyea Quaye and Christopher Nagbe.

Lonestar - Nathaniel Kevin & Lonestar Management, Board of Directors, Lonestar Legal Counsel and Transmission Engineers: Dovert Andrews, and Karvee Weedor.

Cable Consortium of Liberia (CCL) Directors: Eden Charles Reeves, Chairman of the Board (Government of Liberia (GOL)), Ben Wolo (LIBTELCO), Ciata Victor (LIBTELCO), Nathaniel Kevin (Lonestar), William Saamoi (Cellcom) and former CCL Chairman Anthony B. McCritty

  • CCL Station Manager - Daniel Brewer
  • CCL Legal Counsel - Ruth Jappah
  • CCL Transmission Engineers: Linus Gebeo, Francis Sorsor, Jallah Kamara, Sateyea Quaye, Dovert Andrews, Christopher Nagbe and Karvee Weedor.

ACE Working Group Members (Liberia)

  • Angelique Weeks - ACE Management Committee (MC) Vice Chair
  • Ben Wolo - Management Committee (MC) Member / Operations & Maintenance (O&M) Commitee Member
  • Ciata Victor - Procurement Group (PG) Member
  • Nathaniel Kevin - Financial Committee (FC) Member

Landing Party Project Managers - Construction of the System in Liberia

  • Phase 1: Ciata Victor (September 2010 - March 2011)
  • Phase 2: Daniel Brewer (March 2011 - April 2012)

Government of Liberia:

  • The Ministry of Post and Telecommunications under the leadership of then Minister Jeremiah Sulunteh and current Minister Dr. Frederick Nokeh

  • The Ministry of Finance under the leadership of Minister Augustine Ngafuan, now Minister of Foreign Affairs and Deputy Minister Tarnue Mawolo,

  • The Ministry of Planning and Economic Affairs under the leadership of Amara Konneh, now Minister of Finance

Building Contractors

    • ECOCON - Constructed the Terminal Station

    • L and C Construction Company - Constructed the Beach Man Hole and Ducts

    • Bezaleel + Turnkey Contractors - Consultants with construction Oversight Responsibility
Cable Station, Monrovia  

Congratulations to everyone involved the ACE Submarine Cable System is launched

~ Broadband is available in Liberia!

Ben Wolo & Nathaniel Kevin ACE Cable Landing, November 3, 2011