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Pictures from the Launching of The Africa Coast to Europe (ACE) Submarine Cable System

Banjul, The Gambia, December 19, 2012


In attendance at the launching were Angelique Weeks - LTA Commissioner & ACE Vice Chair; Ciata Victor - Director, LIBTELCO & CCL; and Eden Charles Reeves, Chairman of the Board of CCL

Ben Wolo, LIBTELCO's Managing Director and Director of CCL. Today is a good day for Ben who led the ACE Project in Liberia.

Aye yah Ben, does this mean that my fax machine will work in Liberia? Are you sure Ben? Are you sure?




William Saamoi, Director CCL; Kolubahzizi T. Howard - West Africa Regional Communications Infrastructure Program (WARCIP); Kimmy Weeks - Cellcom; & Blidi Elliot - WARCIP

Walter Dean - WARCIP & Amos Andrews - LTA Legal Counsel



Event Staffers in Banjul

The function was held in an Air conditioned tent on the grounds of the ACE Landing Station in Brusubi, The Gambia.

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