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Tel: 231-886-605-933

TLC Africa
A Digital Services Company, Monrovia, Liberia, Tel: +231-(0)886-605-933 / Email:

Digital Services Consultant

Advertising Services Department

  • TLC Africa Online Magazine
  • DAR Internet Radio
  • Catalog Production
  • Digital Photography
  • Website Development & Hosting Services

Technical Services Department

  • LAN/WAN Consultancy
  • Project Feasibility
  • Project Management
  • Technical Writing

TLC Africa Online Magazine, the primary online resource for Liberians at home and in the Diaspora since 1996, has earned the respect of the Liberian community, government and the media.

The Obvious Way
TLC Africa provides an ideal starting point for current and future user's journey onto the Internet. Administrators, managers, project planners, directors and the average user come to TLC Africa to find out about what is happening, where to go and what to do in Liberia.
With over sixty-five thousand unique visitors per month, TLC Africa will give your advertising campaign a much wider audience than any other Liberian website available today. Simply put, there is no better opportunity for your company to promote its products or services online in Liberia than TLC Africa!

Very Desirable Audience
TLC Africa can bring to your company or organization a slice of the most sought after marketing and advertising audience online. TLC Africa conducted an online readership survey of over 65,000 unique online readers. The results confirmed earlier assessments that the site attracts a highly-educated and sophisticated community.

Some interesting information gained from our online survey
" 89% are over 25
" 64% use TLC Africa as their primary source of information about Liberia.
" 38% regularly buy merchandise online
" 32% responded to online advertisement in the last year

TLC Africa is a popular gathering place for the Liberian community online where current and potential Internet users can find the latest news and information about Liberia. You will reap the benefits of our experience with launching successful advertising campaigns by our commitment to making your campaign as effective as possible. Among the benefits you receive by advertising with TLC Africa:

  • Your advertisements appear on a site designed to connect consumers with valuable resources, products and services.

  • Exposure to over sixty-five thousand unique visitors and 1.5 Million hits per month to make sure your product or service is seen.

  • Priority listing on TLC Africa Main Page.

Take Advantage Now
TLC Africa has a helpful staff ready to start your campaign today. You can speak with Ciata Victor if you have any questions, would like a quote, or are ready to get started.

About Advertising on TLC Africa Web Site

TLC Africa web site offers advertising space on TLC Africa Main Page / Home Page (URL: This page is the most visited and provides the greatest visibility for our advertisers. View Advertising Rates for TLC Africa Main page

TLC Africa
Monrovia, Liberia
Phone: +231-(0)886-605-933

TLC Africa Technical Services

About Us

TLC Africa's goal has always been to provide Liberian Businesses with access to professional and reliable technical services. We at TLC Africa provide comprehensive consulting and sound advice to help develop and implement a network and Internet strategy that makes sense for your business. Whether it is helping you plan a new network, expand or upgrade an existing network, decipher technical documents and specs, write technical documents or train your employees in the use of computer technology, TLC Africa is the company for the project.

With over 16 years of experience in computer technology and network systems, our consultants will help you design and implement a network solution that will improve your work environment and aid you in obtaining your business objectives. We provide network support for Cisco systems and we have CCDA and CCNAs on staff.