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Every successful child of Africa makes the Dark Continent a little brighter, and like the individual stars that illuminate the night skies, we will light up Africa and make her shine amongst the continents of the world, for we are Africans and Proud of it. Ciata....



Richard V. Tolbert is a Senior Vice President at UBS PaineWebber and a member of the Advisory Board of the Mano River Resource, Inc (MRRI).

Richard Tolbert is the nephew of the late president William R. Tolbert, 18th president of Liberia.  Richard was born in Bentol, Liberia and educated in Africa, Europe and America.  He attended elementary school in Liberia, secondary school in England and received his university education in the United States.

He earned a BA (cum laude) in Economics from Harvard in 1968 and a law degree (Juris Doctor) from Columbia University in 1975, specializing in corporate and international law.

From 1975 to 1980, he helped to run the Tolbert family business in Liberia, the Mesurado Group of Companies. Employing over 5,000 people in 15 diversified companies, the Mesurado Group of Companies was the largest Liberian-owned enterprise in the history of the country.

Following the disruption of business activities in Liberia in 1980, Richard Tolbert left for Wall Street where he has worked successfully for the past 20 years. From 1980-1998, he was a Vice President with Merrill Lynch. Currently, he is a Senior Vice President of PaineWebber Inc., one of America's largest investment houses and is responsible for developing international business, especially in Africa.

He is a member of the Corporate Council on Africa, based in Washington and African Business Roundtable, based in Johannesburg.

Richard is a founding shareholder and member of the Board of Directors of which is the premier website for news and analysis on Africa with over 8 million "hits" a month.
He is also the founder of The Clara Tay Orphan Foundation on the Liberian Refugee Camp at Buduburam, Ghana  where for the past 3 years he has paid for the schooling and feeding of up to 150 orphaned Liberian Refugee Children.   For Richard, this is one of the highlights of life life.  He admits that it has a been struggle to keep the programme going lately with the worldwide recession, but is actively solicit funds to help some of the most needed.  If anyone is interested in assisting in this  worthwhile cause or getting more info on it, can contact the organization  via email at The Clara Tay Orphan Foundation motto is "The person who saves a single life ,it is as though they saved all of mankind."

Great job and congratulations Richard on your business career and humanitarian efforts.  Wow! VP of Merrill Lynch and a Senior VP of USB PaineWebber. Now that's impressive!




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