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Appreciation Dinner In Honor of Mary T. Broh

Honoring Mary T. Broh

By Ciata Victor

"It is said, "give a person their flowers while they are alive" and that was just what some friends of Mary T. Broh did last evening, Sunday, August 23rd, 2015 at the Golden Key Hotel on Robertsfield Highway when they honored Madam Broh for the contributions she continues to make to Liberia, including the work she did at the Passport Bureau, as Acting Mayor of Monrovia and as GSA Director.

In addition, appreciation was shown for her contributions in the fight against Ebola and the recent work she did in the South East, that led to a successful Independence Day Celebration in Sinoe and Grand Kru Counties in July 2015.

Mary Broh is a giant amongst Liberians, when the task is difficult and others swear it is impossible, send in Mary Broh, she is task oriented, focused, driven, determined and most of all knowledgeable about what needs to be done. She is a motivator, a teacher, a trainer, a fighter and a supporter of moving Liberia forward. Her methods may be unconventional, but they are creative and when the task is completed, even her non supporters, stunned by the results of her efforts become supporters.

Mary Broh contributions to Liberia are numerous and she continues to leave her fingerprint across the nation and it was in appreciation of her work in Liberia that Officials of Government, Ambassadors, Public Servants, Private Citizens and people from the business community gathered at Golden Key Hotel to say "Thank You Mary, we recognize your contributions and thank you for them".

The event was organized by friends of Mary T. Broh and planned by Nowai Gorlorwulu Event Planner, Mardia Herring, Judge Eva Marply, Esther Paigai, Garmai Cooper, and others who gave Mary her flowers while she is still alive.

Thank you Mary T. Broh, Liberians appreciate you, we support your efforts and we love you! We wish you well in all of your endeavours and may God continue to bless you and Mama Liberia.

Photos from the Appreciation Dinner held in Honor of Madam Mary T. Broh