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Liberia's Short and Medium Term Energy Solution
Bulk Power Generation Station


As Liberia emerges from the destruction of the civil crisis, a fully integrated Bulk Power Generation system that will provide efficient power systems supply must be deployed to meet the energy needs of the new emerging economy in Monrovia and the surrounding cities.

This new Bulk Power System will allow the "New Monrovia" to emerge and be built by local and foreign investors in three areas covering the main access roads into the capital, Monrovia-Shefflin Highway, Monrovia-Virginia Highway and Monrovia-Mount Barkley Highway. Considering Monrovia's "geography" and "topography" a "35KV 40MW High Voltage Transmission RING System" can be built in a period of 8 -12 months using cement poles to insure the flow of power "Around" the city.

The 35KV Transmission system will effectively have three nodes points that will move electricity along these major highways thus providing direct access into the interior parts of Liberia (East, West and North). This expansion will allow major growth in the Liberian economy leading to major job creation in these areas.

The power generation market has many companies such as Aggreko, Cummins Power Generation, Kohler Power Systems and others that focus on this business model across the global market place. This is NOT a new concept and based on previous as well as working models of the Bulk Power Generation Power Station, one can be constructed in relatively short time (2 - 3 months) in Liberia. The power generation units are NOT purchased, rather they are provided as part of the "Power Purhase Agreement - PPA" with the Government of Liberia for the duration of the agreement.

The Power Station's generation units will be 440VAC/50Hz or 60Hz and packaged transformer units (440 to 35KV/ 5 -10MVA) shall be installed to "step up" the generation voltage to 35KV to connect on the HV T& D network. With the establishment of a "Power Purchase Agreement - PPA" between the Liberia's National Power Company (LEC) and the Independent Power Generation Company, agreements can be established for the GOL to provide the "diesel fuel" for generation and power can be provided to the T&D network for a very low rate.

The KEY to making this solution work is effective deployment or construction of the Power Station at the "Bulk Fuel Storage Site" and this means, basing the power system at the LPRC facility on the Gardnersville Highway. Based on this solution, once the "35KV 40MW High Voltage Transmission Ring System" has been established around the city, the "Three Critical Nodes" can provide power to the rest of the surrounding cities leading into the three critical areas of the country:

1) ELWA Junction - Single Line/Circuit Distribution Line (35KV) along the Shefflin Highway to Marshall, RIA, and lower Margibi as well as other areas.
2) Free Port Junction - Single Line/Circuit Distribution Line (35KV) along the Duala Road to Caldwell Junction and up to Lott Carey and towards Bomi Hills area
3) Red Light Junction - Single Line/Circuit Distribution Line (35KV) along the Mount Barkley Highway to Careysburg, 15 Gate and to Kakata areas

The Bulk Power Generation Station can be initiated with as little as 5MW and as demand is increased on the 35KV Transmission Ring and into the Three Critical Nodes, additional 1MW units can be added. Based on the PPA, the Independent Power Generation company shall be responsible for the complete operation of the Bulk Power Generation Station as well as all related maintenance and servicing of the power generation units installed at the Station.


1. Stage/Deploy the power generating units at LPRC area for the since the "Bulk Fuel Supply" is at the LPRC facility. This will eliminate the need to transport fuel by trucks, reduce theft and will improve operating effectiveness and productivity while reducing generation costs.

2. Construct a concrete "pad" of the required size (100 feet x 100 feet or larger) to provide a secure "pad mount" for the power generation units and transformer units.

3. Proper warehousing of spares and consumable hardware will be provided using 40 foot containers at the site.

4. The "Bulk Power Station Site" will be properly fenced to prevent vandalism from outsiders and proper lighting for the area will be provided for security.

5. Proper "fuel piping" shall be installed to provide effective fuel metering to each of the generating units from the Bulk Fuel Storage" tank or tanks at LPRC. This will allow proper accounting of "Fuel Consumption vs Generated Kilowatt" from the station.

6. The Power Generation Units will provide the following:
- Automatic Synchronization to add additional Generation units
- Automatic Load Controllers / Real Time Load Monitors
- LV Circuit Breaker to connect to "Common LV Bus System"

7. The required number of LV/HV Transformer Banks Units (5 - 10MVA) shall be deployed to "Step Up" the generating voltage of 440VAC to 35KV.

8. As load in the "35KV Power Loop" increases over time (5MW to 10MW and above) more generating units can be added to meet "Load" demand.


Considering that Monrovia is a "BIG LOOP" this presents a very simple power network design for the "short term" power needs as well as a basis for our long term energy needs. To meet the short term and moderate term needs for power, a 40MW at 35KV "Power Loop" should be built around the city and power "injected" into the "Power Loop" from the LPRC Bulk Power Station.

1. The 35KV transmission line should "originate" from the LPRC Bulk Power Station and terminate at the "Gardnersville Highway".

2. 35KV Fused Cut Outs and "3 Gang 35KV Fused Switches" will be installed on the required number of cement poles to provide "manual switching" and "sectioning" into the following directions:

a. Red Light (2 x 35KV Splits)

i. Omega Tower Area towards Careysburg
ii. ELWA Junction (2 x 35KV Splits)
1. Shefflin to RIA and Marshall

2. Congotown to Tubman Blvd

b. Freeport Junction (2 x 35KV Splits)

i. Central Town towards Viatown and Claratown
ii. Duala and towards Clay and Virginia

c. Across the "Swamp" from Gardnersville/LPRC Junction and connect to:

i. Old Road Area and then to Tubman Blvd

3. Over Current Protection: Eeah "35 KV Split" on the 35KV Power Loop will be protected by 3 HV Fused Cut Outs with the proper current rating at 35KV. This will provide a cost effective solution for power distribution, over current protection and T&D maintenance in the future.

4. Power distribution at the "Point of Utilization" shall be provided by a "Medium Voltage - MV" network rated at 11KV. This network will originate at the 35KV lines to feed the 5 - 10 MVA 34KV/11KV transformers that will be deployed in strategic areas in and around the city.

5. 11KV/440VAC "Packaged Substations" shall be deployed in neighborhoods to feed the "Utilization Voltage" to the various blocks of Loads. The Packaged Substation will be comprised of the following:
- 1 x Oil Filled Transformer (250KVA, 350KVA, 500KVA)
- 1 x Fused Feeder Pillar (4 Ways - 250 Amps Each)
- Cement Pad Mount with Fencing
- 3 x 35KV Fused Cut Out (Primary Protection - Transformer)

9. At each area's "Point of Utilization", one Packaged Substation will be installed for low voltage distribution for customers:

- New Georgia Estate
- Steven Tolbert Estate
- Barnesville Estate
- Iron Factory
- Old Road Area
- ELWA Junction
- Police Academy Area
- Red Light
- Others

10. Utility poles to be deployed for this project will be constructed from "Cement" to allow for the following:

- Massive Job Creation (Local labor and Liberian contractors)
- Lower Cost Labor
- Durability of infrastructure (poles)
- Long term project to make needed poles for network expansion into the Three Critical Nodes of the power network

11. Prepayment Meters shall be installed for residential customers and commercial customers to insure "revenue collection". This will allow for "Pre-financed Power" to be provided to the economy
§ With the "prepaid business concept" already driving the Telecom sector, the very same product distribution network can be used to provide effective distribution of Prepaid Energy Cards to the market

With current funding for the EPP from the USAID, World Bank and the EU, focus can be put on the building of a low cost 40 - 50MW @ 35KV Power Loop around the city using cement poles. Effective implementation of this project can yield results within 4 - 6 months of initiation. This will put Liberia on track for "sustainable development" and attract foreign investors who not see the "supply of power" as a major challenge to making their investments realized.

This power system will also stimulate the construction sector for various contractors such as plumbing, electrical, construction and all other building trades. Most importantly, existing Liberian businesses that will get connected to the power system grid, will be able to increase their profits and reduce their costs of operating due to the reduction in generator maintenance, fuel purchase and other related expenses related to the use of localized generators. This will lead these companies to increase employment for the local economy and increase the government's tax base.

Aggreko PLC, ( is the world leader in the provision of temporary power for typical application like Liberia. A "Power Purchase Agreement - PPA" arrangement with Aggreko will allow Liberia to accelerate its economic growth and expansion in the relative short term.

Bulk Power Station supply various capacities at different voltages ranging from 8 MW/11kV at Aniyakanda to 45 MW/33KV at Kosgma

Installed and operated a 10 MW/69kV "baseload" power plant at the Panit-an substation in the Capiz Province of Panay Island. A complete package was supplied including generators, transformers, fuel tanks, and high voltage cabling. All equipment and ancillaries were mobilized, installed and commissioned less than 40 days after the contract-signing.

Rural electrification was also an issue, and when Cabinda Town had established a reliable electricity source the demand in outlying areas also increased. To meet this demand, Aggreko installed eight 'satellite power stations' of 2MW power packages in remote areas, from the rain forests in Northern Cabinda to the area's surrounding the regional airport.

Installed and operated a 9MW / 6.6kV temporary power plant, which was synchronized with the cement plants' existing medium speed heavy fuel oil power unit.

Prepared and presented by:
Alkina Fayah Phillips - Power Systems & Telecoms Engineer