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Catholic School Students Block Two Major Roads in Monrovia, causing massive traffic jam for hours on Friday, March 13, 2015

The students blocked the roads at 3rd Street on Tubman Boulevard before the Education Ministry and at 3rd Street and Jallah Town Road, preventing drivers in the Sinkor area from getting to Central Monrovia and those in Central Monrovia from getting to Sinkor.

The protest was peaceful, but disruptive to the traffic. The only way to by-pass the traffic nightmare was via Somalia Drive. Their Demands were for the Catholic School System and the Government of Liberia to Pay Catholic School Teachers who are currently on strike because they were not paid for 5 months during the Ebola Virus Crisis.

The students want the teachers paid to allow them to attend classes. Some schools in Liberia opened on February 16 while others started classes on March 2. Catholic School Students however are still out of school because of the teachers strike although the students have already paid their tuition.