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2014 Photo Album

A day at Terravilla Gardens in Johnsonville

Liberia sits in the middle of the West African Rain Forest. The country is blessed with beautiful, thick rich tropical rain forest and Terravilla Garden which is close to Monrovia, is situated on 100 acres of beautiful rich forest. Terravilla is only 24 miles from Monrovia in Johnsonville. At Terravilla you will get to enjoy nature under the canopy of tall trees that blocks the blaze of the African sun, creating plenty of shade to sit and relax and enjoy a cold drink or stroll through the forest taking in nature at its finest. Got kids? Great, bring them to Terravilla Gardens where there is plenty for children to enjoy, including a shallow pool built just for kids. Introduce your children to the beauty of the rain forest that is Liberia, and get them to love, respect and appreciate nature.


Kids pool

Bug-a-bug Hill / Termite Village

A path at Terraville though a palm nusery

Groups forming to tour the garden

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