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"A Digital Liberia" by Darren Wilkins, is out and now on SALE!!!!!. The author has donated part of the proceeds from the book to educational technology in Liberia.

In A Digital Liberia, Darren Wilkins, an accomplished ICT Professional with more than twelve years of experience in the field of ICT, describes the impact of information and communications technologies on the future of Liberia. Emerging from a fourteen-year civil war and more than 150 years of underdevelopment, poverty, and illiteracy, Liberia is presently behind the curve with respect to modern and emerging technologies.

Even so, A Digital Liberia addresses six critical sectors in which ICT can play an important role: education, government, business, agriculture, security, and healthcare. Wilkins delineates strategies that will bring a paradigm shift in the Liberian society and identifies broadband through submarine fiber optic cables located in and around Africa, Africa, along with pointing out mobile technologies, open source software, cloud computing, and green IT as those technologies that will catalyze Liberia's entry into the Digital Economy.

A Digital Liberia, one of the most optimistic literatures on a developing country, represents an unprecedented effort by an African-born author to outline plans for economic development through ICTs.

Author's Bio

Darren Wilkins is an ICT professional, business analyst, writer, and researcher with over twelve years of experience, and three master's degrees in Computer Information Technology, Business Administration, and IS management. He has several IT certifications and focuses his research in ICT for development, open source technologies, e-commerce, and cloud computing. Wilkins currently lives in Tucker, Georgia.

Excerpts from the Foreword written by Dr. Michael L.Best, Professor Georgia Institute of Technology

I am delighted at the invitation to write a foreword to this book, not because I think it is the final word on information and communication technologies (ICTs) in contemporary Liberia, but because I think it sits as one of the first words, and certainly the first book-length treatment, of what will hopefully become a growing and expanding literature. In this valuable contribution, Darren Wilkins describes how computer and communications can assist Liberia in building its education, government, business, security, health and agricultural capabilities.

But what really are the prospects for ICTs to serve as a critical tool in Liberia's development? On the one hand, the promise appears significant: The communications sector is vibrant with phone subscriptions enjoying one of the world's leading rates of compound annual growth according to the International Telecommunications Union (2010); and usage costs are reportedly the lowest in West Africa (Southwood 2007). But on the other hand there are challenges: ICTs have yet to realize their full promise in remaking business, education and government as Wilkins makes abundantly clear in this text; indeed most schools languish without any computers, most government offices are yet to be robustly connected, at times leadership has faltered, and only a tiny proportion of Liberians have ever been on the Internet. Buy a copy of the book to continue reading!!!!

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