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Liberia Beaches

From December to May, the sea is at its clearest

Liberia Beaches
  • Bernard’s Beach,
  • ELWA Beach,
  • Kenema Beach,
  • Kendaje Beach,
  • Sugar Beach,
  • Cedar Beach,
  • Cooper’s Beach and
  • Caesar’s Beach

Lake Piso in Grand Cape Mount County. It covers an area of approximately 40 square miles and it is, one of the largest lakes in Liberia

Lake Piso is located in Grand Cape Mount County and is a saltwater lake with an open connection to the Atlantic Ocean.

Lake Piso, potentially contains extensive accumulations of diamonds in Cretaceous to recent sedimentary rocks, derived from rivers descending from a drainage basin which covers a very significant part of the West African diamond fields.

In September 1998, heavy rains in Liberia's eastern Grand Cape Mount county left thousands homeless as torrential downpours had submerged towns and villages after Lake Piso burst its banks. Some 2,000 people from 19 local villages and towns were made homeless.

Lake Shepard in Maryland County Liberia. Lake Shepard is part salt water and part fresh water. The lake is a peaceful, almost still lake and a favorite spot for the locals to gather "kiss me", crabs, and turtle eggs.

River Dwellers

A few hippopotamuses and manatees inhabit the rivers ofLiberia. Poisonous snakes include mambas, vipers, and cobras, along with pythons and a variety of harmless snakes. Crocodiles and several varieties of fish are found in most rivers.

Bushmeat Crisis Task Force, Liberia.

The map above shows the directional flow of the Cestos, Cavalla, Saint Paul, Saint John, Lofa and Mano rivers of Liberia.


Liberia lies between the Mano and Cavalla Rivers on the west and east respectively.

  • Mano - Between Liberia and Sierra Leone
  • Lofa - starts in Guinea
  • Saint Paul - starts in Guinea
  • Saint John - Starts in Guinea
  • Cestos - also known as (Nuon or Nipoué) river
  • Cavalla - also known as Youbou, or Diougou river
  • Mesurado river - pours into the Atlantic at Cape Montserrado in Monrovia
  • Ya river - Yekepa, Nimba County Liberia

Cavally, Youbou, or Diougou, River

The Cavalla river is in western Africa, and runs between Ivory Coast and Liberia - it also known as the Cavally, Youbou, or Diougou, river.  It rises north of the Nimba Range in Guinea and flows south to form more than half of the Liberia–Côte d'Ivoire border.

The Cavally enters the Gulf of Guinea 13 miles (21 km) east of Harper, Liberia, after a course of 320 miles (515 km). With its major tributaries (the Duobe and the Hana), it drains an area of 11,670 square miles (30,225 square km).

The source of many of Liberia's rivers is the Nimba Mountains.  The mountains are the source of the these rivers in Liberia:


Mesurado River

Mesurado River starts at the mouth of the Atlantic in Monrovia. ...

Bridges over the Mesurado River

Not far from the port, two main bridges into the city run parallel across the Mesurado River. They are the Via Town Bridge and the Johnson Street Bridge.

Historic Providence Island, is also located on the Mesurado river. Providence Island is a tiny island between downtown Monrovia and the Freeport.  It lies at the mouth of the Mesurado River where early settlers to Liberia first settled between 1820 and 1822.

Saint Paul River

It was first  sighted by Portuguese navigators in the 15th century on St. Paul's feast day.  Saint Paul River enters northern Liberia about 30 miles (50 km) due north of Gbarnga, Bong County.

Saint Paul River begins in the mountains of southeastern Guinea, and empties into the Atlantic in Montserrado County, Liberia.  Its source is in the mountains east of Macenta, and its upper reach (the Diani, or Nianda, River) forms part of the border between Guinea and Liberia.

The Saint Paul river divides Brewerville from Monrovia at its South most point. Several towns, villages and settlement are lined on both sides of the Saint Paul River traveling from south to north up the river. 

Before roads where built, people who wanted to travel to and from the settlements, towns and villages along the river had to travel by boat or canoe. 

Some settlements along the river includes Caldwell, Clay-Ashland, Arthington, Millsburg and Crozierville.

A aerial view of the Mesurado River

Ports and harbors:

  • Port of Buchanan, is located in Bassa .
  • port of Greenville is located in Sinoe
  • Port of Harper is located in Harper City,  Maryland and it is a major docking port for ships traveling along the West African section of the Atlantic.
  • Port of Monrovia also called Freeport is located in Monrovia, the capitol of Liberia.

The waterways of Maryland

  • The Hoffman River is in runs through Harper Maryland and it divides Big Town from Central Harper.
  • Cavalla River - runs between Ivory Coast and Maryland, Liberia. It enters the Gulf of Guinea 13 miles (21 km) east of Harper, Maryland.

Lakes of Maryland - Lake Shepard

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Cavally, Cestos, Loffa, Mana-Morro, Moa, St. John, St. Paul

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