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"JFK Saved My Life" Says Varney Sherman as he Donates $10,000.00 Towards a CT Scanner for the John F. Kennedy Medical Center

Cllr. Varney Sherman with his wife Joyce and members of JFK Management including doctors and nurses who took care of him and contributed to his survival after he collasped in May 2017

After returning from the United States of America following a successful brain surgery, Senator Varney Sherman of Grand Cape Mount County yesterday paid an appreciation visit to the administration of the John F. Kennedy Medical Center and launched a project to purchase a CT Scan machine for the hospital. Cllr. Sherman made an initial contribution of US$5,000 on behalf of his family, while his law firm, Sherman and Sherman, also contributed an additional US$5,000, totaling US$10,000.

At a brief ceremony held at the John F. Kennedy Memorial Hospital in Sinkor, Monrovia, Cllr. Sherman, accompanied by his wife Joyce, said his visit was to thank the hospital for the quality of care and services they provided him when he was taken there for treatment, after his collapse in the crowded Rotunda of the Capitol Building in May 2017.

Sherman said he is alive “because of JFK medical advice that he should go to the Jackson F. Doe Hospital in Tappita, Nimba County for a CT Scan, which he did,” Sherman adding, that it cost over US$2,000 for a chartered flight to get to Tappita, and noted that if a CT Scan machine was found in Monrovia, he would not have gone to Tappita.

Cllr. Sherman said when he thanked the doctors in the US for their excellent care, he was told by the Doctors in the USA, "that it was because of the doctors who first took care of him where he came from,” meaning the JFK doctors, that should be thanked, they were the ones that saved his life.

“It is because of that,” Sherman continued, “I am here to launch a project to purchase the CT scan for the JFK. I am going to lobby with my business associates and colleagues to bring the machine here, because it concerned me since I returned to the country,” Sherman assured the administration. “I am going through the recovery process, but the surgery was successful and I am not incapacitated, I can walk, talk like what I used to do before, and can remember everything that come my way,” Sherman remarked.

For the management of JFK this is good news, and liken Sherman's gesture to the story in the Bible where Jesus healed 10 leopards and only one return to say "thank you." Every day the doctors and nurses at JFK save lives, but are rarely shown appreciation for their efforts. Varney Sherman gratitude means a lot to the folks at JFK and if he delivers and installs a CT Scan machine at Liberia's #1 referral hospital in one year as promised, it would be a "Great Contribution" to the people of Monrovia, many who cannot afford $2,000 to charter a private flight to Tappita Hospital, where the only CT Scanner in the country is located.