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Who's Who

Who's Who in President George Mannah Weah's Government

George Mannah Weah

President of the Republic of Liberia


Hon. Charles R. G. Bright

Advisor to the President for Economics

President Weah in March 2018 elevated
Mr. Bright’s portfolio to cabinet level and give him the exclusive power to monitor and evaluate all agencies and ministries of government.




Archie Bernard

Legal Advisor to the President

Ministry of States for Presidential Affairs

Heads of Ministries, Agencies & City Corporations

Jewel Howard Taylor - Vice President of the Republic of Liberia

Nathaniel F. McGill - Minister of State for Presidential Affairs

Gbehzohngar M. Findley - Dean of the cabinet and Minister Foreign Affairs

Trokon T. Kpui - Minister of State without Portfolio - Ministry of States for Presidential Affairs

Cllr. Frank Musah Dean Jr.-  Minister, Ministry of Justice  

Cllr.  Cooper Kruah - Minister, Ministry of Post & Telecommunication

Richmond Nagbe Tobii - Managing Director, LIBTELCO

Nyemadi D. Pearson - Managing Director, Liberia Petroleum Refinery Company (LPRC)

Dr. Wilhelmina Jallah, Minister, Ministry of Health

Samuel A. Wlue, Minister of Transportation, Ministry of Transportation

J. Emmanuel Nuquay , Director General, Liberia Civil Aviation Authority

Mobutu Nyenpan, Minister, Ministry of Public Works

Molewuleh B. Gray, Executive Director, National Investment Commissions

Gregory Coleman, Director General, National Bureau of Concessions

Dr. Othelo Brandy, Chairman, Land Commission

Gesler E. Murray Minister Land Mines & Enegry

Prof. Ansu D. Sonii - Minister of Education


Varney Sirleaf - Minister of Internal Affairs

D. Zogar Wilson - Minister Ministry of Youth & Support

Williametta Piso Saydee-Tarr - Minister of Gender, Children & Social Protection

Prof. Wilson K. Tarpeh - Minister of Commerce & Industry


Samuel D. Tweh - Minister of Finance and Development Planning

Len Eugene Nagbe - Minister of Information, Cultural Affairs & Tourism

Rep. Moses Y. Kollie of Lofa County - Minister of Labor

Laurine Johnson - Director General Civil Service Agency

Saifuah Mai Gray - President/CEO, National Oil Company of Liberia (NOCAL)

Cllr. Charles Gibson - Chairman, Board of Directors - NOCAL

Maria Harrison - Commissioner, Liberia Telecommunications Authority

Maj. Gen Daniel Dee Ziahkahn - Minister of National Defense

Prince C. Johnson - Chief of Staff-Armed Forces of Liberia (AFL).

General Lamuel E.A. Reeves, Commissioner - Liberia Immigration Service

Patrick Sudue - Inspector General of the Liberia National Police (100)

Trokon Roberts - Director EPS

Sia Camanor, Chief Medical Officer, John F. Kennedy Medical Center (JFK)

Bako Freeman, Managing Director - Liberia Airport Authority (LAA)

Mary Broh - Director of General Services Agency

Prof. Francis F. Wreh - Director Liberian Institutes for Statistics and Geo-Information Service (LISGIS)

Quiwu Yeke - Executive Director Liberia Agency for Community Empowerment

Bill Twehway - Director General, Liberia Institute of Public Administration

Environmental Protection Agency
Nathaniel Blama - Executive Director


Reginald Nagbe - Director General, National Lotteries   Authority

Moses O. Browne - Liberia Permanent Representative/IMO-London

Thomas Doe Nah  -  Commissioner General, Liberia Revenue Authority (LRA)

Nathaniel Patray  Executive Governor of the Central Bank of Liberia (CBL).

Marie K. Coleman - Inspector General Foreign Service, Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Janga Kowo - Comptroller General, Ministry of Finance and Development Planning

Nora Finda Bundoo - Chief of Protocol/ Executive Mansion, Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Jervis Witherspoon - Chief of Protocol Republic of Liberia, Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Andrew D. Wonploe, Sr. - Director of Passports and Visas, Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Jeff Koijee - Mayor of Monrovia City Corporation (MCC)

Pam Belcher-Taylo - Mayor of Paynesville City Corporation (PCC)




Dr. Francis N. Kateh - Deputy Minister for Health Services/Chief Medical Officer - Ministry of Health

Joyce Dunbar Sherman, Deputy Minister of Prevention Services, Ministry of Health

A. Vaifee Tulay - Deputy Minister for Research & Planning - Ministry of Health

Norwu Howard Wesson - Deputy Minister for Administration - Ministry of Health

Tanneh G. Brunson - Deputy Minister for Budget & Planning, Ministry of Finance and Development Planning

Joseph Y. Howe, Deputy Managing Director Operations/Transmission and Distribution (LEC)

Boima J.V. Boima, Deputy for Rural Broadcasting, Liberia Broadcasting System (LBS)

Claude Langley, Deputy Minister for Technical Affairs, Ministry of Public Works

Edris A. Bility, Deputy Director/Operations, General Service Agency

Elias Shoniyin - Deputy Minister for Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Emma Metieh Glassco, National Fisheries & Aquaculture Authority (NFAA)

Chris Wisner, Deputy Managing Director for Operation, National Port Authority


Asatu Bah Kenneh - Deputy Commissioner /Naturalization, Liberia Immigration Service


Sadatu L. M. Reeves - Deputy Inspector General for Administration (101), Liberian National Police (LNP)

Tennessee Plewon III, Deputy Managing Director for Administration, FDA

James Forkpa, Assistant Minister for Administration, Ministry of Health

Samora Wolokollie - Deputy Minister for Fiscal Affairs, Ministry of Finance and Development Planning

Jamama Wolokollie - Deputy Minister for Small Business Administration, Ministry of Commerce & Industry

Wilfred Bangura - Deputy Minister for Administration, Ministry of Commerce & Industry

Augustine M. Manobalah - Deputy Minister for Administration/National Fisheries & Aquaculture Authority

Eugene Fahgon - Deputy Minister for Public Affairs, Ministry of Information, Cultural Affairs & Tourism

Lydia Sherman - Deputy Minister for Protection, Children & Social Welfare, Ministry of Gender Children & Social Protection

Mamansie Kaba - Assistant Minister for Planning & Administration, Ministry of Gender Children & Social Protection

Maminah Carr - Assistant Minister for Research & Technical Services Ministry of Gender Children & Social Protection

Atty. Phil T. Dixon - Deputy Minister for Manpower Development, Ministry of Labor

Atty. Welma Sampson - Assistant Minister for Manpower Development, Ministry of Labor

Moses K. Yebleh - Deputy Commissioner for Administration, Liberia Immigration and Naturalization Service (LINS)

William Y. Boeh - Deputy Director for Technical Service, National Fisheries

Naomie Gray - Assistant Minister for Afro-Asian Affairs, Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Amb. Jarjar Kamara - Senior Ambassador-At-large, Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Emmet Reeves - Deputy Minister for Operations, Ministry of Internal Affairs  

Abubakak Bah - Assistant Minister for Urban Affairs, Ministry of Internal Affairs  

Dama Yekeson-Koffa - Acting Deputy Director General/Administrator, John F. Kennedy Medical Center (JFK)

Cece Cuffy-Brown - Deputy Managing Director for Administration, National Port Authority (NPA)


Gurly Teta Gibson - Liberia’s Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary, Court of St. James, United Kingdom




Senate & Legislature

Grand Kru County Senator Albert Chie - Senate Pro-tempore of the Liberian Senate

Maryland County Representative Bhofal Chambers - Speaker of the House of Representatives of the 54th Legislature/RL.

Bong County Representative Prince Moye - Deputy Speaker of the 54th National legislature.

Full List of Appointees

Pres. Weah Makes Additional Appointments

Monrovia, Liberia: President George Manneh Weah has made additional appointments, specifically affecting the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Paynesville City Council.

Those appointed include Gurly T. Gibson, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary, Court of St. James, United Kingdom; and Madam Nancy S. Yalloh, Member, Paynesville City Council.

The appointments are subject to confirmation by the Honorable Liberian Senate where applicable.


President Weah Makes Additional Appointments in Government

Monrovia, Liberia:  President George Manneh Weah has made additional appointments in government, affecting the Judiciary, Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Governance Commission, Small Arms Commission, Liberia Civil Aviation Authority and the Liberia Revenue Authority.

The appointments also affect the Boards of several Agencies of Government including the National Port Authority, Liberia Water & Sewer Corporation, National Social Security & Welfare Corporation, Forestry Development Authority, the Liberia Agency for Community Empowerment, among others.

Those appointed include:

Name Position Area of Assignment
Cllr. Roland F. Dahn Resident Judge 8thJudicial Circuit Court, Nimba County
Cllr. Ousman F. Feikal Resident Judge 5thJudicial Circuit Court, Grand Cape Mount
Cllr. Onesimus Barwon Resident Judge 14thJudicial Circuit Court, Rivercess
Cllr. Joe S. Barkon Resident Judge 2nd Judicial Circuit Court
Atty. Patrick Wesseh Williams Judge Debt Court, Bong County.


National Oil Company of Liberia
Saifuah Mai Gray- President/CEO
Eric Daniels - Vice President for Finance
Dr. Lester Tenny - Vice President of Technical Services
Carmena C. Yeke - General Counsel

Board of Directors-NOCAL
Cllr. Charles Gibson - Chairman
Christine Hoff Williams  - Member
Christina Harmon - Member
Dr. Moses C. T.Jarbo - Member
Minister of Finance & Development Planning - Member
Minister of Mines & Energy - Member
Minister of Justice - Member
MD, Liberia Petroleum Refinery Corporation - Member

Liberia Telecommunications Authority
Maria Harrison - Commissioner

Civil Service Agency
Laurine Johnson - Director General

Liberia Agriculture Commodities Regulatory Agency
Dr. John Flomo - Managing Director
Ronald Mendscole - Deputy Managing Director/Administration

National Security Authority
GeraldF. Smith - Deputy Director/Administration
Stephen B. Dolo - Director of Field Offices

National Lotteries   Authority
Reginald Nagbe - Director General
Neved Kortu - Deputy Director General/Operations

Liberia Permanent Representative/IMO-London
Moses O. Browne

Ministry of Information & Culture Affairs
Margaret Cooper Frank - Assistant Minister for Culture

Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Yaba Freeman-Thompson - Assistant Minister for International Organizationals-Ministry of Foreign Affairs 

Governance Commission
Elizabeth W. Dorkin - Commissioner

Corporative Development Agency
Regina Sokan Teah - Deputy Register General/Administration

Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA)
Marcus Soko - Director General 
Marcus Zehyoue - Deputy Director General for Administration 
Melvin Sarko - Deputy Director for Operations 

County  Attorneys

Cllr. Edwin Martin - Montserrado County
Cllr. David Woah - Grand Bassa County
Cllr. Deddeh Wilson - Margibi County
Atty. Jonathan Flomo - Bong County
Cllr.  Aloysius Allison - Maryland County

President Weah Appoints Nathaniel R. Patray as New Executive Governor of the Central Bank of Liberia

Monrovia, Liberia: President George Manneh Weah has made the following appointments/nominations in Government affecting the Central Bank of Liberia and the National Security Agency.

Those appointed include:

Central Bank of Liberia

  • Nathaniel R. Patray-Executive Governor

National Security Agency

  • Edward Sharpe Deputy Director/Planning Research & Analysis
  • Emmanuel Jackson - Assistant Director/Planning Research & Analysis
  • Todd Garlo - Assistant Director/Administration

These appointments/nominations are subject to confirmation by the Honorable Liberian Senate where applicable.

Those appointed are:

Ministry of Labor

Wolobah F. Kollie - Assistant Minister for Statistics and Research
Wilson V. Dumoe - Assistant Minister for Regional Labor Affairs

Ministry of Internal Affairs

Maryland County:
Mr. J. S. Robin Scott   - Development Superintendent
Mr. Anthony B. Harmon  -  County Inspector
Mr. Aloysius Williams - District Superintendent, Pleebo-Sodoken District
Mr. Emmanuel Quire  -  Dist. Dev. Superintendent, Pleebo-Sodoken District
Mr. Otis Nyemah  - District Inspector, Pleebo-Sodoken District
Mr. Wellington Kyne   - Mayor, Pleebo City
Mr. Habakkuk Williams - Commissioner, Dist. One, Pleebo-Sodoken District
Mr. Johnson Badio Wah  -  Commissioner, Dist. Two, Pleebo-Sodoken District
Mr. Johnson K. Williams  - Dist. Relieving Commissioner, Pleebo- Sodoken District
Mr. Bullick Nyemah -  Township Commissioner, PC Kouh, Gbolorbo,
Nemeken, Pleebo-Sodoken District

Karluway Statutory District

Solomon Johnny  -  Superintendent, Karluway Statutory District
Alphonso Davis   -  Dev. Superintendent, Karluway Statutory District
D. Nyoon Hinneh - Commissioner, Dist. One, Karluway Statutory District

Peter Kumeh  - Commissioner, Dist. Two, Karluway Statutory District
Moses Clayee Hinneh - Commissioner, Yederobo Administrative Dist.
Jacqueline Konneh  -  Mayor, Karloken City
Charles Richards  - Township Commissioner, Gbon Township
Wleteh Nyemah -  Township Commissioner, Tarwaken Township
John Wilson  -  Township Commissioner, Yorken Township
Albert Clayea - Township Commissioner, Warteken Township
Brown Sieh   - Township Commissioner, Yediaken Township
Simpantu Dioh  - District Inspector, Karluway Statutory District
Nathaniel Bedell  - Township Commissioner, Andersonville Township
Isaac Chea  - Township Commissioner, Henogben Township
Olando Kobo  - Township Commissioner, Tubarken Township
Laranzo T. Freeman  - Township Commissioner, Nyeneroken Township


Barrobo Statutory District
J. Gbajulue Toe  - District Superintendent, Barrobo Statutory District
Oliver Kuson - Development Superintendent, Barrobo
John H. Togba   -  Commissioner Whojah District
Sampson J. G. Kamanue  -  Commissioner, Nyonken District
Winston Blayon  - Mayor, Glofaken City
Paul B. Wesseh -  Township Commissioner, David Toe Township
Daniel Hinneh  -  Township Commissioner, Jarye Township
Geewah Toe   -  Township Commissioner, Goe Township
Standford Sarfore  -  Township Commissioner, King Jack Township
Winston D. Tweh  -  Township Commissioner, Brookville Township
Stanley Joloklean  -  Township Commissioner, Tugbaville Township
A. Weah Brown  -  District Inspector, Barrobo Statutory District
Myer Tiah  -  Township Commissioner, Geeson Township
Daniel D. Wesseh  -  Township Commissioner, Gegloh Township
Clinton Togba  -  Township Commissioner, Jaffa Township
Thomas T. Toe  - Township Commissioner, S. S. David Township
Thompson Gaysue -   Township Commissioner, Geebadioh Township
River Gee County:

Emmanuel D. Waie   -  City Mayor, Fish Town
Paul S. T. Brooks   -  County Inspector
Nath. Poka   -  County Project Planner
Diana W. Weah  - County Relieving Commissioner
Stephen S. Weah -  Stipendiary Magistrate, Tienpo Magisterial Court

Tienpo Statutory District
David Broh  -  District Superintendent
Albert Watoson -  Development Superintendent                    
Ben Quie  -  Relieving Commissioner
Adolphus Teably  - Commissioner, Kaford District
Myers Satue  -  Commissioner, Nanee District
Sam. T. Tarpeh  - City Mayor, Chaikai City
Williams T. Tarpeh  -  Statutory District Inspector  

Webbo Statutory District

Sam Karbo -  Nyenebo District Commissioner
Matsuslah Hinneh  -  Township Commissioner
Sophie Smith  -   City Mayor, Konowroken
Harris Quiah  - Statutory District Superintendent
Wanner Copeland  -  Assistant Superintendent for Development
Nathaniel Chuwah  -   Pawoleyville Township
John Farr  -   Township Commissioner
Alexander Dennis - District Commissioner, Tuobo
Robert Dixon - Relieving Commissioner
Jackpah Jackson  -  City Mayor, Gbaweleken City, Tuobo
Caroline Dixson - Township Commissioner
Emmanuel Collins   -  Statutory District Inspector
Elijah Juwah  -  Township Commissioner, Nyetiabo
Albert P.O. Dadieh - Township Commissioner, Jayproville, Klibo
Alex Manson - Township Commissioner, Wlegboken
Bleede Hinneh  - Township Commissioner, Nyenebo

Sarbo District

Louise T. Barley -  District Commissioner
Victoria Jallah   - Township Commissioner
Nathaniel Wesseh - City Mayor, Sweaken City
Shade Barchea - Township Commissioner, Kiteabo Township


Glaro District

Harris Teah -  District Commissioner
Alphonso Nyanue  - Glaro Township Commissioner
Alexander Nyenebe  - Township Commissioner, Qualabo 

Gbeapo Statutory District

Seide Weiah  - Statutory District Superintendent
Odecious Poree - Assistant Superintendent for Development
Sylvester Toe -  District Commissioner
Patrick Wuo   - District Inspector
Kesseilee Wion  -  Township Commissioner, Nyanwrilan Township
Gabriel Poure   -  Relieving Commissioner
Robert W. Kargbah  -   District Commissioner
Jerome Chelleh  - City Mayor, Kaweaken City
Gbatawo Wuo  -  Township Commissioner, Drugbo Township
Alfred Jorh  -  Township Commissioner, Wessehville Township

Nyenawirken District

Sylvester Toe   -  District Commissioner
Albert K. Dwight  - Township Commissioner, Sayeepo Township
George Poure  -  Township Commissioner, Flewroken Township
Jonah D. Tweh    -   City Mayor, Killiken City

Chedepo District

J. Bolton Dwehseuen  - District Commissioner
Fulton Pah  -   Township Commissioner
Quiee Nyanmah   -  Township Commissioner

Potupo District

Robert Dweh - District Commissioner, Potapo Dstrict
Saylee Slopaw   -  Township Commissioner, Kayken Township
SK Toe Wesseh    -  Township Commissioner, Menorwinyea

Lofa County

Dr. Samuel K. Ngaima Sr  -   President, Lofa Community College

Samuel Mulbah -  Assistant Superintendent for Development
Flomo M. Jamah - Assistant Superintendent for Fiscal Affairs
Ballawala Kollieblee    - County Inspector
Korto Harris    - Mayor, Voinjama City
Forkpah K. Jallah  -  Relieving Commissioner

Salayea District

Ben K. Gorlema  - Commissioner
Yamah Tabolo  - Mayor, Salayea City

Zorzor District

Joseph Bedell  - Commissioner
Garmai Gbelee  - Mayor, Zorzor City
J. Lavala Bannah   -  Commissioner, Zolowo Township

Voinjama District

Albert B. Saylee  -  Commissioner

Quardu-Gboni District

Seleke Kamara  -  Commissioner
J. Sumawolo Kanteh  -  Barkedu Township

Lukambeh District

Anthony Armah  - Commissioner

Wanhassa District

Famata Russell   -  Commissioner

Kolahun District

Addullai Kaiffa Tulay    -  Commissioner
Jackson Boakai  -  Mayor, Kolahun City

Vahun District

Moahammed B. Momoh  - Commissioner

Foyah District

J. Clarence Sandie  - Statutory Superintendent
Moses Sonjor   -  Assistant Superintendent for Development
James T. Dorngah   -           Commissioner
Cecelia T. Hallie  -  Mayor, Foya City

Ministry of Commerce and Industry

Alphonso S Kuiah  - Assistant Minister for Administration

Meanwhile, these nominations and appointments are subject to confirmation by the Honorable Liberian Senate where applicable.
Ministry of Internal Affairs - Local Government

Grand Bassa County

Benjamin Greaves - Comm, Hardlandsville Township
Emmanuel K. Taylue  - Comm., Neekreen Township
Ruth Sawmadal   -  Ass. Minister for Administration

Sinoe County

Otis Seeton  - Mayor, Greenville City
Barbara Keah - Assistant Superintendent for Dev.
Gift Morris - Assi. Superintendent for Fiscal Affairs
Augustine G. Swen  -  County Inspector

Ministry of Post and Telecommunications
Prosper Brown  -  Deputy Minister for Technical Services
Edwin Kumon  -  Deputy Minister for Postal Operations

Ministry of National Defense: Armed Forces of Liberia

Col. Geraldine George  -  Deputy Chief of Staff
Anthony Kai Jelly - Assistant Minister for Civil Works

Cllr. Daku Mulbah - Solicitor General
Cllr. Nyananti Tuan - Deputy Minister for Codification
Atty. Kou Doliae - Deputy Minister for Economic Affairs
Juah Nancy Cassell - Deputy Minister for Administration
Atty. Meo Dabbah Beyan - Assistant Minister for Economic Affairs

Augustine Flomo - Deputy Minister for Economic Management
Benedict Kolubah   Assistant Minister for Regional and sectoral Planning
Abraham Korvah  Assistant Minister for Micro- economic and Financial Policy

Nigel Sieh Appleton - Assistant Director for Operations and VIP Services


Sebastian A. Gibson - Deputy Director for Administration

 Local Government:
Todee-Rural Montserrado County
David G. Johnson  - Assistant Superintendent for Development, Montserrado County
Lester L. Binda - Statutory Superintendent, Careysburg District, Montserrado County
John N. Tucker - Statutory Superintendent, Todee District, Montserrado County
Daniel S.K. Pabie - Township Commissioner, Tolberta Township, Todee District
Joseph Kollie  - Township Commissioner, Mount Coffee Township, Todee Statutory, Montserrado County
Nathaniel B. Sackie - Township Commissioner, Tubmanville Township, Todee, Statutory District, Montserrado County      
Ms. Viola Bridges -  Commissioner of Harrisburg Township, Careysburg, Statutory District, Montserrado County
Ms. Ruth James - Township Commissioner, Crozierville Township, Careysburg, Statutory District, Montserrado County
Thomas Urey - City Mayor, Careysburg, Statutory District, Montserrado County      
Martha Woheel - City Mayor, Bentol City, Careysburg, Statutory District, Montserrado County
Mr. Edward Dartue - Township Commissioner, Louisiana Township - Careysburg Statutory District, Montserrado County
Urias Brooks - Commissioner of White Plaines Township, Careysburg Statutory District, Montserrado County
Augustus Binda - Township Commissioner, Kingsville, Township, Careysburg Statutory District, Montserrado County
Ernest Gargar - Relieving Commissioner, Office of the County, Superintendent, Montserrado County,Township, Careysburg Statutory District, Montserrado County  
Solomon Miller  - County Inspector, Montserrado County

Grand Bassa County
Flee A. Glay - Assistant Superintendent for Development
J. Daniel Willie - Assistant Superintendent for Fiscal Affairs
Moses Haynes - City Mayor, Buchanan City
Mark Sherman - County Inspector
Nathaniel G. Gbessagee - President, Grand Bassa Community College
Samuel Grimes Davies - Superintendent, Diahn Blae Statutory District
Samuel A. L. Johnson - City Mayor, Edina City
Jessey Whitefield - Commissioner, New Series Township
Matthew Payne - Commissioner, Lloydville Township
Harris O. Artis - Commissioner, Kporkon Administrative District
Daniel Yeke Johnson - Commissioner, Worr Administrative District
Nancy Q. Greene - Statutory Superintendent, District Two
Amos Joe - Commissioner, Marloi Township
Amos L. Johnson  - Commissioner, Administrative District, District Two
James Joe Manyouway - Commissioner, Gwengbo Townhsip
Edward Beyan - Commissioner, Wholgbarn Township
Daniel Dayyougar - Commissioner, Vambo Township
John Garduah -  Commissioner, District #2
James Brooks - City Mayor, St. John River City
Solomon T. Banks - Commissioner, Tubmanville Township
Joe S. Paygar -  Superintendent, Wee Statutory District
Edwin Weljay -  City Mayor, Wayzohn City
Lawrence K. Daywoe - Commissioner, Gorblee Administrative District
Joseph Nadeh - Commissioner, Bleeze Administrative District
William B. Lee - Commissioner, Nyeanwin Administrative District
Prince E. Mitchell - Land Commissioner, Wee Statutory District
Gus Garmondeh - Superintendent, Kpogbarn Statutory District
Markie O. Williams - Commissioner, Kpowein Administrative District
Charles Cheedegar - Commissioner, Doegbarn Glador Administrative District
Michael Vambram  -  District Superintendent, Neekreen Statutory District
Emmanuel K. Taylue -  Commissioner, Hardlandsville Township
Lawrence Q. McCauley -  Commissioner, Harmonsville Township

Grand Kru County
Ms. Doris N. Ylatun - County Superintendent
Joe M. Sekpeh - Assistant Superintendent for Development
Karmboe Weah - County Inspector
Dickonson Simbo  -  Relieving Commissioner
Benetha Blamo  - City Mayor, Barclayville City
Amajie Siekar - District Superintendent, Trehn Statutory District
J. Kaydio Wleh - District Superintendent, Qualoh-Siklio Statutory District
Augustine Wolloh - District Development Superintendent, Qualoh-Siklio Statutory District
William Nmah - District Commissioner, Kplio-Gbetao Statutory District

Sarwlee Toe - District Development, Kplio-Gbetao Statutory District

Parker Jlatuh - District Development Superintendent,Forpoh Statutory District
Sylvester Tugbe -  District Superintendent, Buah Statutory District
Isaac Weah - District Development Superintendent, Buah Statutory District
D. Slaymu Blamoh - District Superintendent, Dorbor Statutory District
Ishmael Sheriff - District Development Superintendent, Dorbor Statutory District
Manadeh Tarpeh  -  District Superintendent, Jlaoh Statutory District
Legory Nifor - District Superintendent, Jloh Statutory District
Simpson K. Wilson -  Fiscal Superintendent

Gbarpolu County
J. Keyah Saah - Superintendent
Joseph Brutus Akoi -  Development Superintendent
Anthony Yorkor - Assistant Superintendent for Fiscal Affairs
Zinnah Norman - City Mayor, Bopolu City
Alvin S. Kanneh - Commissioner for Bopolu District
Emmanuel Tokpah - Relieving Commissioner                    
James M. Malickie Kulama - Commissioner for Kongba District
Anthony Yarsiah - Commissioner for Bokomu District
Mulbah Manow - Commissioner for Belleh District
Stephen M. Nango  -  Commissioner for Gou-nwolaila District
Edwin T. Davies - County Inspector

Goue-Bokomu Statutory District
Vangbanan K. Wymon - Statutory Superintendent
Edwin Korpulo - Assistant Statutory Superintendent
Paul Yekel  - Statutory District Inspector
David Stephen - Statutory Relieving Commissioner

Township Commissioner
Peter Flomo - Belleyala Township Commissioner
Jeremiah Flomo -  Fassama Township Commissioner

Bomi County
Adama J. Robinson  - Superintendent, Bomi County
Victor B. Johnson - County Inspector, Bomi County
Amos M. Cooper - Assistant Superintendent for Development
Roselyn M. Tokeh - Assistant Superintendent for Fiscal Affairs, Bomi County
Alphanso V. Kamara - Commissioner, Dewein District
Edwin B. G. Kpingba - Commissioner, Tehr District
Momo P. Seh - Commissioner, Klay District
Maima B. Free -  Commissioner, Senjeh District
Obediah K. Varney  - City Mayor, Tubmanburg
Sarah R. Karnley -  Township Commissioner, Klay Township
Varney G. Jallah - Land Commissioner, Bomi County
Sando D. Folley - Relieving Commissioner, Bomi County

Klay District
Momo P. Seh - District Commissioner, Klay Town, Klay District
Sarah R. Karnley - Township Commissioner, Klay Township

Suehn/Mecca Statutory District
Jumah E. S. Goll - Statutory Superintendent
Momo G. Siryon - Development Superintendent
Boakai Dukuly -  Commissioner
Varfee Sirleaf - Land Commissioner

George Hulbert -Township Commissioner, Suehn Township 

Cecelia Jolo - City Mayor, Zwedru City
Wilson Z. Deleth - Superintendent, Gbarzon Statutory District
P. William Gbarjolo - Inspector, Gbarzon Stautory District
David Nyonsean Togbasie - Land Commissioner, Gbarzon Statutory District
Alphonso Wrotto - Township Commissioner, Kai Farley Township

William Quartis -Township Commissioner, B’hai Administrative District
Sam Tody - District Commissioner, Gboe/Tloe Administrative District
Nelson Kosso - District Commissioner, Gbao Administrative District

Prince Seo -  Local Aide-de-Camp
Arthur Peal -  City Mayor, Jarwoodee
Benson Dunner - City Mayor, Ziah
Moses Monroe - Toe City Major
Milton Sharty - Inspector,   B’hai District
S.K. Sobue Wulue - Commissioner, Tchien Administrative District
Daniel Zohn Grear - Commissioner, Cavalla Administrative District
Philip Geneyan - City Mayor, Zleh

Washington Yonly - Project Planner
Moses Dweh - Land Commissioner

Paul T. Neeo, Sr. - County Inspector
Henry B. Freeman - Relieving Commissioner

 Jerome Dweh  - Commissioner, Tarlueville Township
Harrison D. Ninneh - Commissioner, Tofoi Township
Naykeomu Naynyeeh -  Commissioner, Duogee Township
Doris Juan - Commissioner, Toe Township
Junior Todey -  District Inspector
Blowah Gahai - Commissioner, Baileyville Township
Amos Gbeyor -  Commissioner, Suaken Township
George Towah - Commissioner, Jarjoy Township
Isaiah Sayouah Seoh -  Commissioner, Gurjarla Township

Arth Yonton -  Commissioner, Cheyee Gbutu Township
Chayee Bantoe - Commissioner, Podee Township
Richard Dweh - Commissioner, Boe-Gee Won Township
Isaac Gweh -  Commissioner, Kaola Faoley Township
Prince Tartey - Commissioner, Blayee Jailah Township
Peter Niah -   Commissioner, Nenebo Township

Capt. David C. Togba -  Local Aide-de-Camp

Local Government:

Ministry of Internal Affairs
Momolu S. Johnson  -  Deputy Minister for Administration
Joseph Jangar -  Assistant Minister for Culture & Customs
Losene Siryon -  Assistant Minister for Technical Services
Ayoubah L. Fofana -  Assistant Minister for Communal Farming

Margibi County:
Jerry Varnie -  Superintendent
David F. Suakollie -  Assistant Superintendent for Development
M. Kpakanay Gbankpala -  County Inspector
Emmanuel M. Goll   -  City Mayor

Rivercess County:
J. Bismark Karbiah  -  Superintendent
Amos G. Somah -  Assistant Superintendent for Development
Elijah C. Kaysaynee -  Assistant Superintendent for Fiscal Affairs
Daniel Tokoe Doe -  County Inspector
Vicky Biah -  City Mayor
Morris Kehkeh -  Project Planner
Vicky Biah -  City Mayor
Joseph O. Robertson -  Statutory District Superintendent, Monweh Statutory District      
Morris Duah -  Assistant Superintendent for Development  Monweh Statutory District
J. Marcus Blah - Statutory District Superintendent Central Rivercess District
Robert Yonloe  -  Assistant Superintendent for Development Central Rivercess District
D. Henry Sobeor -  Statutory District Commissioner Yarnee Statutory District    
Abidina Brown  -  Assistant Superintendent for Development Yarnee Statutory District
Abraham Barkay -  District Commissioner, Central “C” District
Sam Gbarsleh  -  District Commissioner, Nyorwein District
Simeon Sahn  -  District Commissioner, Zarflahn District
Murphy Bloh  -  District Commissioner, Fen River District
Paul Ganwaye  -  District Commissioner, Jo-River District
Jones Nagbo -  District Commissioner, Doedain District
Dennis Seeboe  -  District Commissioner, Sam Gbalor District
Emmanuel Gbae  -  District Commissioner,  Beawor District
Sampson Melish  -  Township Commissioner, Yarpah Township
Nathaniel Zokruah -  Township Commissioner, Charlie Township
Benjamin Beah  -  Township Commissioner, ITI Township
Jefferson Tarr -  Township Commissioner, Little Liberia Township
Edward Fanciah - Township Commissioner, Rockcess Township
Matthew Glassco  - Township Commissioner, Guuweir Township

Sinoe County
Lee Nagbe Chea  -  Superintendent

Maryland County
George A. Prowd, Sr.  -  Superintendent
Anthony S. W. Bedell, Sr.  -  Assistant Superintendent for Fiscal Affairs   
Abraham B. Jackson -  Commissioner, Harper District
Ellen B. Howe -  City Mayor, Harper District

Grand Cape Mount County Leadership
Aaron B. Vincent  -  Superintendent
Mr. Boima G. Kamara -  Assistant Superintendent for Development
Mr. Olando K. Woyeeh -  Assistant Superintendent for Fiscal Affairs
Eric Penneh -  County Inspector
Varney A. Sheriff  -  Relieving Commission
J. Edwin Korha -  City Mayor

District Leadership
Mr. Lawrence S. Brown  -  Porkpa District Commissioner
Haji Jaliebah - Tewor District Commissioner
Clarence Kamara -  Garwula District Commissioner
Arthur M. Konneh  -  Gola Konneh District Commissioner

Porkpa-Gola Konneh
Statutory District Leadership
Frank M. Sheriff  -  Statutory Superintendent
Z. Lamin Coleman -  Assistant Superintendent for Development
Kerbeluh Konneh -  Relieving Commissioner
Patrick Alieu -  Statutory Inspector
Mambu Jaliebah -  City Mayor
Township leadership
Porkpa District
Moses M. Seitua  -  R.H. Sherman Township
Mohammed B. Mabande  -  Stephen  A. Tolbert Township
Jengbay Seitua  -  Kongo, Mano River Township

Tewor District
Varney K. Fahnbulleh  -  Talla Township
Miatta Kamara -  Mano River Union Township

Gola Konneh District
Momo M. Kaikondo -  Beh-Gondor Township

Garwula District
Stephen M. Perry -  Madina Township

Cecelia Jolo   -  City Mayor, Zwedru City
Wilson Z. Deleth -  Superintendent, Gbarzon Statutory District
P. William Gbarjolo -  Inspector, Gbarzon Stautory District
David Nyonsean Togbasie  -  Land Commissioner, Gbarzon Statutory District
Alphonso Wrotto  -  Township Commissioner, Kai Farley Township
William Quartis -  Township Commissioner, B’hai Administrative District
Sam Tody  -  District Commissioner, Gboe/Tloe Administrative District
Nelson Kosso   -  District Commissioner, Gbao Administrative District

Prince Seo -  Local Aide-de-Camp
Arthur Peal -  City Mayor, Jarwoodee           
Benson Dunner  -  City Mayor, Ziah
Moses Monroe  -  Toe City Major
Milton Sharty  -  Inspector,   B’hai District
S.K. Sobue Wulue  -  Commissioner, Tchien Administrative District
Daniel Zohn Grear  -  Commissioner, Cavalla Administrative District
Philip Geneyan  -  City Mayor, Zleh

Washington Yonly   -  Project Planner
Moses Dweh  -  Land Commissioner

Paul T. Neeo, Sr. -  County Inspector
Henry B. Freeman -  Relieving Commissioner

 Jerome Dweh  -  Commissioner, Tarlueville Township
Harrison D. Ninneh -  Commissioner, Tofoi Township
Naykeomu Naynyeeh  -  Commissioner, Duogee Township
Doris Juan  -  Commissioner, Toe Township
Junior Todey  -  District Inspector
Blowah Gahai  -  Commissioner, Baileyville Township
Amos Gbeyor  -  Commissioner, Suaken Township
George Towah -  Commissioner, Jarjoy Township
Isaiah Sayouah Seoh -  Commissioner, Gurjarla Township    
Arth Yonton -  Commissioner, Cheyee Gbutu Township
Chayee Bantoe  -  Commissioner, Podee Township
Richard Dweh -  Commissioner, Boe-Gee Won Township
Isaac Gweh   -  Commissioner, Kaola Faoley Township
Prince Tartey -  Commissioner, Blayee Jailah Township
Peter Niah    -  Commissioner, Nenebo Township

Capt. David C. Togba -  Local Aide-de-Camp

Philip Z. Joh -  Assistant Superintendent for Fiscal Affairs

Liberia Immigration and Naturalization Service (LINS)
Moses K. Yebleh - Deputy Commissioner for Administration

Land Commission
Ellen D. Pratt - Land Use & Management

Richmond Nagbe Tobii - Managing Director

National Fisheries
William Y. Boeh - Deputy Director for Technical Service

National Document and Archives
Neilleh Daituah - Director
Kollie Kamara - Deputy Director/Administration Archives

Robert International Airport
Paula Fares -Deputy General Manager Technical Services

Liberia National Police (LNP)
Robert Budy - Deputy Director/Operations                         

John F. Kennedy Medical Center 
Dr. Jerry Brown - Acting Director General/Administrator
Dama Yekeson-Koffa Acting Deputy Director General/Administrator

Bureau of Concession  
Daddy Gibson - Deputy Director General Administration

Liberia Petroleum Refinery Company (LPRC)
Nyemadi D. Pearson - Managing Director
Stanley Ford - Deputy Managing Director/Administration           

National Transit Authority (NTA)
Joseph B. Wisseh - Deputy Managing Director for Operations 

Ministry of Internal Affairs
Emmet Reeves  - Deputy Minister for Operations             
Edward Fineboy - Assistant Minister for Operations
Paulita C.C.  Wieh - Deputy Minister for Urban Affairs
Abubakak Bah - Assistant Minister for Urban Affairs

Ministry Post & Telecommunication
Cllr.  Cooper Kruah - Minister
Melvin Yealu - Assistant Minister for Administration
Cyrus Kamara - Assistant Minister for Research & Planning
Ministry of Labor
Togba Porte - Assistant Minister for Trade Union Affairs

Ministry of Justice
Cllr. Musa F. Dean - Minister 

Ministry of Education
Felecia Sackey Donsumah - Assistant Minister for Elementary & Secondary Education
Othello W. Nimely - Assistant Minister of Education for Student Personnel Services
Henrietta M. Sackor - Assistant Minister for General Administration
Othello W. Nimely - Assistant Minister for Student Personnel Services
Domonic N. Kwene - Assistant Minister for Research & Planning
James A. Massaquoi - Assistant Minister for Fiscal Affairs & Human Resources
Gayflor Y. Washington - Assistant Minister for Teacher Education

Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Amb. Jarjar Kamara - Senior Ambassador-At-large
Amb. Ibrahim Nyei - Ambassador-At-Large
Amb. Robert Y. Lormia, II - Ambassador-At-Large
Adonis Z. Greaves -  Assistant Minister of Foreign Affairs
Austin Spiller -  Assistant Minister for Administration
Naomie Gray - Assistant Minister for Afro-Asian Affairs
Rosetta N. Jackollie - Assistant Minister for Legal Affairs
Maxwell P. Vah - Assistant Minister for American Affairs
Sylvester K. Pewee  - Assistant Minister for Public Affairs
Sherdrick M. Jackson - Assistant Minister for International Cooperation & Economic Affairs
Abratha P. Doe - Assistant Minister for European Asian Affairs



Robert M. Tarpeh                                -           Superintendent

Mark M. Toe                                       -           Development Superintendent

Myer S. Swen                                     -           District Inspector

Saywon Doe Wleh                              -           Relieving Commissioner

McCauley Doe                                    -           Land Commissioner

A. Konwon Blamo                              -            City Mayor, Dyankpo City

Atty. Octavius B. Doe                        -           Monthly & Probate Court Judge



Adam T. Doe                                      -           District Commissioner

M. George Tarplah                              -           Mayor, Duku City

H. Kofa Doe                                       -           Diyankpo Township Commissioner

Abraham Dennis                                 -           Commissioner, Bokon Township



Daniel J. Swen                                    -           District Commissioner, Jaedae Co. Dist.

Rufus S. Seongbae                              -           Mayor, Tuzonburg City

Isaac Doe                                            -           Commissioner, Boyonnoh Kongbo Township



Peter Doe Sieh                                    -           District Commissioner, Bodae Dist.

Melvin Lee Doe                                  -           Mayor, Jarpuken City

Saytue Wesseh                                    -           Mount Zuzu Municipality Commissioner

Joseph Nyenswah                               -           Jarkaken Township Commissioner



JAEDAE QUIOH DISTRICT                                                                   

Nathaniel D. Kongbae                        -           District Commissioner

Jerry S. Wlatee                                    -           Seongbae Township Commissioner

Leviticus S. Tarpeh                             -           City Mayor, Meneeh Municipality



Robert S. Toteh                                   -           Superintendent

Walter G. Wriyee                                -           Assistant Superintendent

Peter Doe                                            -           District Inspector       

Nathaniel T. Manjah                           -           Relieving Commissioner

John T. Tughab                                   -           Commissioner, Lower Seekon

Nathaniel Ferley                                  -           Commissioner, Upper Seekon

Robert Gayee                                      -           Commissioner, Saydee Township

David Queateh                                    -           Commissioner, Sloh Township

Isaac B. Quitoe                                   -           Commissioner, ToboTownship

George B. Geedeo                              -           Commissioner, Saywiah Township

Benjamin P. Gmanneh                        -           City Mayor, Pellokon City

Alfred G. Gboyee                               -           City Mayor, Voogbadee City

A. Manjah Wleh                                  -           City Mayor, Judue Town City

Helena S. Bah                                     -           City Mayor, Plandiabo City



Willie Wlue                                         -           Superintendent

Edward Norman                                 -           Assistant Superintendent

Clinton Solo                                        -           District Inspector

Peter Wiah                                          -           Relieving Commissioner

Dorris Slebo                                        -           Commissioner, Upper Wedjah County District

Stephen Doewleh                                -           Commissioner, Lower Wedjah

Ralph Wilson                                      -           Commissioner, Upper Carbadae

Sargbeh Cheeclay                               -           Commissioner, Lower Carbadae

Johnson T. Jah                         -           Commissioner, Lower Carbadae Township

Joe D.C. Weego                                  -           Commissioner, Chelor Township

Thomas Pojah                          -           Commissioner, Dargbeh Township,

Rufus Jennueh                        -           Commissioner, Lower Wedjah County District

Thomas Sneh                                       -           City Mayor, Gbejuaboe City

Philip Kamah                                      -           City Mayor, Pyne City

Joseph Tarlue                                      -           City Mayor, Geelor City

Alice Jaweah                                       -           City Mayor, Gbalawine City

Toby Monnah                                      -           Land Commissioner




Sam P. Wesseh                                    -           Superintendent

Grace Kanten                                      -           Assistant Superintendent

Henry D. Sneh                                    -           District Inspector

Daniel S. Sartee                                  -           Relieving Commissioner

Morris Koung                                      -           Commissioner

J. Dweh Saytakon                               -           City Mayor, Bleweeyeh City

John S. Railey                                     -           Commissioner, Jokoken Township

Joe S. Walker                                      -           Commissioner, Jeh-Dubue Township

Daniel Q. Wiah                                   -           Commissioner, Tar-Jedepo County District

Isaac F. Jedepo                                   -           Commissioner, Dubukon County District



Annie Pobleh                                      -           Superintendent

Ojuku S. Blamoh                                -           Assistant Superintendent

Tony Clarke                                        -           District Inspector       

Pewee Teah                                         -           Commissioner, Plahn County District

Sylvester B. Gbleh                              -           Commissioner, Nyarn County District

Victor G. Mdenboe                             -           Commissioner, Kulu County District

Philip Pantoe                                       -           Commissioner, Shaw-Boe County District

George Ponie                                      -           Commissioner, Tarjuoville Township

Alexander Wonger                              -           Commissioner, Samuelville Township
Jayee B. Mennoh                                -           Commissioner, Nyarnville Township

Orlando Peabody                                -           Commissioner, Needwehville Township

Christopher Myers                              -           Commissioner, Smajilah Township

Borbor Jarwee                         -           Commissioner, Saywienville Township

Duncan Tarjubu                                  -           Commissioner, Kingstone-Weagba Township

Friday Bewehyee                                -           City Mayor, Unification City

David Johnson                                    -           City Mayor, Balleh City

Angoe Gbassay                                   -           City Mayor, Gleatah City

Ruth Chea                                           -           City Mayor, Jacksonville City

Napoleon Kingston                             -           City Mayor, Bestnewlue City            

Thomas Newlay                                  -           City Mayor, Smajilah City



Abraham P. Sokan                              -           Superintendent

Ramsey B. Snoh                                 -           Assistant Superintendent

Ellis Doe Koffa                                   -           District Inspector

Alfred Jaule                                        -           Commissioner, Numonpo County District

Kennedy Geeplay                               -           Commissioner, Paintue County District

Sylvester Tweh                                   -           Commissioner, Kpanyan County District

Alfred K. Mah                                                -           City Mayor, Delkilo City                                           

Borbor George                                    -           Commissioner, Longville Township

Julius Saydee                                      -           Relieving Commissioner, Longville Township

Peter M. Jebboe                                  -           Commissioner, Bannah Worteh Township

George Bartee                         -           City Mayor, Tubmanville City Township

Wleh Gbardee                         -           Commissioner, Saytue Township

Dannies Wiah                                      -           Commissioner, JarweevilleTownship

Jestina Kanmanyan                             -           Commissioner, Kanmanville Township

Darius Nagbe                                      -           Commissioner, Du-Worwlee Township



Logan F. Togba                                   -           Superintendent

Johnson W. Dargbe                             -           Assistant Superintendent

Teah Jugbe                                          -           District Inspector 

Wesseh Wahtoe                                  -           Relieving Commissioner

Andrew S. Sarkor                               -           City Mayor, Men-weh Walker City

Lawranso Kanmo                                -           City Mayor, Kungmah City

Kennedy Sear                                     -           City Mayor, Gbalakpoh City

H. Joe T. Tarpeh                                  -           City Mayor, Nyenteah City

Albert D. Doe                                     -           Commissioner, Men-weh Walker

Fredrick T. Doe                                   -           Commissioner, Krah District

Isaac Sobou Sobou                             -           Commissioner, Sarbor District

Jonathan Forh Sarkoh             -           Commissioner, Jlah District

Jefferson Doe                                      -           Commissioner

F. Thomas Nah Sarkoh                       -           Commissioner, Ba-Nakay District



Christian K. Wlejleh, Sr.                     -           Superintendent

Nah W. Gbawleh                                -           Assistant Superintendent

Socrates Karnga                                  -           District Inspector

Isaac Worjloh                                      -           Relieving Commissioner

McDonald Tarpeh                               -           District Commissioner, Tarsue

Wellington Dennis                              -           District Commissioner, Geetro

George Wolo                                       -           Commissioner, Toto Administrative District

Henry N. Wolo                                   -           Township Commissioner

Eric Gbayou                                        -           Township Commissioner, Tarsue Township

Benedict Gbadee                                -           Township Commissioner, Lower Sanquein

Fredrick Matthew                               -           Township Commissioner, Neequiah Township

Wilsol Byeh                                        -           Township Commissioner, Trodaye

Theresa Kumeh                                   -           City Mayor, Kommanah City

S. Sworh Fulka                                   -           City Mayor, Togbaville City

Batholomew Wleh                              -           City Mayor, Totoe City   


Norrison T. Y. Kanyan                       -           Superintendent   

David W. Tigwulah                            -           Assistant Superintendent

Fredrick Koffa                                    -           District Inspector

J. Kulah Karloh                                   -           Commissioner

Mary D. Menjay                                  -           City Mayor, Bilibokree City

Dorris Jah                                            -           Commissioner, Needweh Township

Mike Numeh                                       -           Relieving Commissioner

Ministry of Health


Dr. Wilhelmina Jallah

Deputy Minister for Prevention Services

Mrs. Joyce W. Dunbar Sherman

Assistant Minister for Administration

James Forkpa


Ministry of Labor

Assistant Minister for Administration

Alexander S. Gargu


Ministry of Finance and Development Planning

Deputy Minister for Administration

Rebecca Biao Mcgill

Assistant Minister for Revenue and Tax Policy

Ojukun Nyenpan

Assistant Minister for External Resource & Debt Management

Archie N. Donmo


Liberia Electricity Corporation

Deputy Managing Director Operations/Transmission and Distribution (LEC)

Joseph Y. Howe


Drugs Enforcement Agency

Deputy Director General for Operations

Marcus Soko



Deputy Managing Director for Operation

Joseph Tarlue

Deputy Managing Director for Administration

Tennessee Plewon III


Land Commission


Dr. Othelo Brandy


Atty J. Adams Manobah

Commissioner for Land Administration

J. Joseph Burgess Sr.

Commissioner Land Policy & Planning

Atty. Kula Jackson

Harry K. Sackie

Registrar of Deeds and Titles


Liberia Agency for Community Empowerment

Deputy Director

Joseph T. Williams


Ministry of Commerce & Industry

Deputy Minister for Commerce & Trade

Nyema Wisner


Robert Flight Information Region

Deputy Secretary for Administrative Affairs

Lasana B. Sannor


Liberia Broadcasting System (LBS)

Deputy for Rural Broadcasting

Boima J.V. Boima


Liberia National Police (LNP)

Deputy Inspector General

Deputy Inspector General

Prince Mulbah

Deputy Inspector General CSD/CID


General Services Agency

Deputy Director/Operations

Edris A. Bility


Liberia Institute of Public Administration

Deputy Director General for Administration LIPA

Atty. Manneh Teah Sr.


National Port Authority

Deputy Managing Director for Operation

Chris Wisner


National Transit Authority (NTA)

Herbbie McCauley


Myer Beaty

Deputy Director


Ministry of Information, Cultural Affairs and Tourism

Deputy Minister Technical Services

Boakai Fofana

Deputy Minister for Administration

Daniel Gaydu

Deputy Minister for Culture & Tourism

Lance K. Gbagonyon

Assistant for Tourism

Grace Roberts

Assistant for Technical Services
Assistant for Administration

David Kolleh
Jurah A. Sonoe


Ministry of Public Works


Mobutu Nyenpan

Deputy Minister for Technical Affairs

Claude Langley

Assistant Minister for Administration

J. Jefferson Chesson


Liberia Petroleum Regulatory Authority

Director General

Edward Smith

Deputy Director General for Operations

Mathew Jallah

Deputy Director General for Technical Services

Rufus T. Tarnue

Board Member

Cllr. Idella Cooper Shannon

Board Member

Dr. Fodee Kromah


Land Mines & Energy

Deputy Minister for Operations

Emmanuel O. Sherman

Deputy Minister for Planning and Development

Carlton Miller


Ministry of Defense

Deputy Minister for Administration

T. Olandrus Dickson

Deputy Minister for Operations

Ernest Vafee

Assistant Minister for Public Affairs

Sam Collins

Assistant Minister for Operations

Augustine Lamin

Assistant Minister for Planning, Policy & Operations

Rudolph Kolako

Assistant Minister for Administration

Maime Hayford Pearson


Ministry of Transportation


Samuel A. Wlue

Deputy Minister for Administration & Insurance

Sirleaf Tyler

Deputy Minister for Land &Rail

J. Darius Kollie

Assistant Minister for Insurance & Administration

Nuwo Scott

Assistant Minister for Land & Rail

Joseph Robert


Ministry of Youth & Support

Assistant Minister for Youth Services

Emmanuel Johnson

Assistant Minister for TVET

Millias Z. Sheriff


Ministry of Education

Deputy Minister for Instructions

Alexander Doupu

Assistant Minister for Science, Technology, Vocational & Special Education

Henrietta M. Sackor


National Fisheries & Aquaculture Authority (NFAA)

National Fisheries

Emma Metieh Glassco


National Investment Commissions

Executive Director

Molewuleh B. Gray


Ministry of Agriculture

Assistant Minister for Research & Extension Service

Alvin C. Wesseh



Superintendent Nimba

D. Dorr Cooper

Superintendent Rivergee

Philip Nyenuh

Superintendent Rivercess

Ruth Sawmadal

Superintendent Grand Gedeh

Kai Farley

Superintendent Lofa

William Tamba Kamba


Ministry of Justice

Assistant Minister for Public Safety

Atty. Fedrick F. Noah

Assistant Minister for Litigation

Atty. Wesseh A. Wesseh


National House Authority

Tugbeh C. Tugbeh

Deputy Managing Director


Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Deputy Minister for Legal

Dwede Gray


Liberia Civil Aviation Authority

Director General

J. Emmanuel Nuquay


Ministry of States for Presidential Affairs

Advisor to the President for Economics

Charles Bright

Director of Cabinet

Jordan Sulonteh

National Security Advisor

Jefferson S.  Kanmoh

Deputy Minister for Administration

J. Wesseh Blamoh


Ministry of Post and Telecommunication

Deputy Minister for Post & Telecommunications

Cllr. Edward Goba

Assistant Minister for Post & Telecommunications

Atty. Solomon Boe

National Bureau of Concessions
Director General Gregory Coleman


Local Aid de Camps

B/Gen. Bob Dweh

Jr. Aid de Camp

B/Gen. Abraham S. Bolor

Lofa County

B/Gen. Wilmot K. Tompoe

Grand Bassa

B/Gen. David Boyah


B/Gen. Tarpeh S. Loumbaye

Nimba Country

B/Gen. Abraham M. Dongobo

Bomi County

B/Gen. Sam Brownell


B/Gen. Rajah Toe

River Gee

B/Gen. Boakai Sarnor

Gbarpolu County

B/Gen. Stanley G. S. Stubblefield

Margibi County

B/Gen. Theophilus T. Nah

Grand Kru Country

B/Gen.  Manneh W. Manneh

Sinoe County

B/Gen. Sampson Seyeker

Bong County

B/Gen. Harry Dorsee

Maryland County

B/Gen. Blama O. Koroma

Grand Cape Mount County

President Weah Makes Additional Nominations, Appointments in Government

Monrovia, Liberia: President George Manneh Weah has made additional nominations and appointments constituting the Boards of several Agencies of Government affecting the John F. Kennedy Medical Center, Liberia Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative, National Port Authority, Liberia Electricity Corporation, and the Central Bank of Liberia.

The President also made additional appointments at the Liberia Water & Sewer Corporation and the Township of Clara Town.

Those appointed include:

John F. Kennedy Medical Board
Minister of Health                                                              Chairman
Minister of Finance & Development Planning                        Statutory Member
Minister of Education                                                         Statutory Member
Chief Executive Officer of JFK                                             Statutory Member
Dean of the Medical School, UL                                          Statutory Member
President of the Liberia Nurses Association                          Statutory Member
President of Liberia Medical & Dental Association                  Statutory Member
Bishop Isaac Winker                                                           Member
Theodosia Kollie                                                                 Member
Saydee Farley                                                                    Member

Liberia Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (LEITI)
Minister of Finance                                       Statutory Member
Minister of Mines & Energy                         Statutory Member
Managing Director of FDA                           Statutory Member
Minister of Agriculture                                  Statutory Member
Firestone                                                        Statutory Member
Minister of Justice                                         Statutory Member
Minister of Education                                    Statutory Member
Rev. Joseph G. Johnson                                 Member

Liberia water & Sewer Corporation (LWSC)
Dunnah Kamara                        Managing Director
Dan Saryee                                Deputy for Operation

National Port Authority Board
Minister of Transport - Statutory Member
Minister of Finance &Development  - Statutory Member
Minister of Justice - Statutory Member
Minister of Commerce & Industry - Statutory Member
Buster P. Younis - Member
Charles Bardly  - Member

Liberia Electricity Corporation (LEC)
Minister of Finance & Development Planning  -   Statutory Member                                  

Minister of Justice  -   Statutory Member
Minister of Mines & Energy -  Statutory Member
Millennium Challenge Account  - Statutory Member
Rev. Samuel Reeves  - Member
Dave Koomey  - Member
Central Bank of Liberia Board
D. Sheba Brown  - Member
Commissioner for Clara town
Beatrice Dolee Williams

Meanwhile, these appointments and nominations are subject to confirmation by the Honorable Liberian Senate where applicable.

President Weah Appoints New Liberia Revenue Authority Commissioner General

(Monrovia, Liberia):  President George Weah has made new appointments/nominations affecting the Liberia Revenue Authority (LRA).

Those appointed/nominated include:

Mr. Thomas Doe Nah  -  Commissioner General

Mrs. Decontee King-Sackie   -  Deputy Commissioner General for Technical Services