Liberian Cancer Society Pinning Program & Musical Magnificence, The Living Room at the Royal Grand Hotel, Sinkor, Monrovia, November 9, 2019

60th Birthday Celebration - Etta Bracewell Parsons, Minnesota, September 21-22, 2019

Pictures from the Funeral Services of Valeria Angelina Shaw, Trinity Cathedral, Monrovia Liberia, November 2, 2019

Welcome to Liberia's New Roberts International Airport, Harbel, Margibi County

Pictures from the Official Opening of the Pathology LAB At the JFK Medical Center, October 31, 2019

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The Liberian Connection - Africa (1996 - 2019) - An Internet Magazine that Connects Liberians at home and abroad

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African Names

The Africans believe a child takes on 7 characteristics of it's name.



Ciata Victor Photo Album
EBO'S ALBUM - Ebenezer Sowah Photos
TKB Photo & Digital Imaging
Images by Derek Moore
1Tunis Photo and Video
Alvin Harris Photos
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Land Right Law of 2018 in PDF format...
Who's Who in President George Mannah Weah's Government

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Pictures from the Luncheon in Remembrance of Oso, Ashland, Marshall (Roderick G. Smith), October 28, 2019

Funeral Services of Roderick G. Smith (Oso), October 27, 2019, Monrovia & Arthington

Rotary Club in Liberia Welcome you to the West African Project Fair 2019 Held at the Millennium Guest House & Suites Hotel

Theresa Leigh Sherman Honoring Ceremony, October 12, 2019

In The News

Gov’t Tests ‘New Road Technology’ at 14th Military Hospital

On Tuesday, November 19, 2019, the government, through the Ministry of Public Works (MPW) in collaboration with South Africa-based Polyroads-West Africa, began testing some polymeric chemical products on the 14th Military Hospital Road in Schiefflin Town, Margibi County, the the Edward Binyah Kesselly (EBK) Military Barracks to observe its effectiveness.

The product, Soiltech MK III stabilizer, a new technological chemical product, is used for constructing roads that are being tested at the 1KM road of the newly constructed 14th Military Hospital. Read more...

United Nations Supports President Weah's Quest for Employment of more Liberians in the UN: Conducts outreach in Liberia on recruitment process"

(New York, November 19, 2019) The United Nations Department of Management Strategy, Policy and Compliance will beginning November 24, 2019, visit Liberia on a five-day Outreach Mission to create awareness on the recruitment process of the United Nations.

The Outreach Mission, according to Ms. Christine Asokumar, Chief, Staffing Diversity and Outreach Section at the United Nations Headquarters in New York, is a part of the United Nations Secretary-General's reform process, which among others, aims to enhance diversity within the United Nations workforce. Read more...

Tampa Philanthropist David Straz Passes Away In His Sleep

TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) – Tampa Bay philanthropist and former mayoral candidate David Straz Jr. has died. He was 77 years old.

Jarrod Holbrook, the executive director of the David A. Straz Jr. Foundation, announced the passing in a brief news release Monday evening.

“It is with a heavy heart the Straz family regrets to inform you that while on a recent fishing trip with close friends, David A. Straz, Jr. passed away peacefully in his sleep,” the statement said. “The Straz family is asking the media to respect their privacy during this difficult time. We will release funeral plans once they are final.” Read more...

Berlin 1884: Remembering the conference that divided Africa

135 years ago today, European leaders sat around a horseshoe-shaped table to set the rules for Africa's colonisation.

On the afternoon of Saturday, November 15, 1884, an international conference was opened by the chancellor of the newly-created German Empire at his official residence on Wilhelmstrasse, in Berlin. Sat around a horseshoe-shaped table in a room overlooking the garden with representatives from every European country, apart from Switzerland, as well as those from the United States and the Ottoman Empire. The only clue as to the purpose of the November gathering of white men was hung on the wall - a large map of Africa "drooping down like a question mark" as Nigerian historian, Professor Godfrey Uzoigwe, would comment. Read more...

Urban unrest propels global wave of protests

Numerous anti-government protests have paralyzed cities across the globe for months, from La Paz, Bolivia, to Santiago, Chile, and Monrovia, Liberia, to Beirut.

Each protest in this worldwide wave of unrest has its own local dynamic and cause. But they also share certain characteristics: Fed up with rising inequality, corruption and slow economic growth, angry citizens worldwide are demanding an end to corruption and the restoration of a democratic rule of law. Read more...

Recent Stories

Bad Roads, Spoiled Traffic Lights Due to ‘Lack of Money’

Pres. Weah Wants to Print L$34B in New Money

The African Waist Beads, Meaning, Significance, And Uses


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Weah Complains of Opposition to World Body

Electrical short caused Liberia fire that killed 27 children

TLC Africa TV

What Could LTI Teach The Nation About Tolerance, Unity And Diversity?

In the fall of 1965, as a young and impressionable teenager, I arrived at the campus of the Lutheran Training Institute, affectionately known simply as “LTI”, with a suitcase in my hands that my grandfather had given me, which contained all my essential supplies of bath soaps, towels, toiletries, a few items of clothing, and nothing more. And there sat before my unbelieving eyes, a nondescript Lutheran operated high school in the middle of nowhere, sandwiched in the swampy valleys between the foggy foothills, with a sprawling landscape, just on the outskirts of the sleepy little town of Salayea, enveloped in the solemn peace and decorum of a Benedictine monastery. Read full article...

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