• Lott Carey Baptist Mission School Brewerville Liberia 94 Commencement Convocation for Academic Year 2018/2019
  • Richards Coleman Family Reunion Pictures


Lott Carey Baptist Mission School Brewerville Liberia 94 Commencement Convocation for Academic Year 2018/2019, Held at the Lott Carey Memorial Chapel

Photos from the Richards & Coleman Family Reunion 2019, Los Angeles, California

New pictures from Terry Brown - B.W. Harris Convention 2019 - Chairman's Renaissance Ball, July 2019

'Ethlind's 60th Birthday July 14, 2019 RIU Palace Montego Bay, Jamaica

Ebo's Album B. W. Harris Convention, Minnesota June 28-30, 2019

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Ciata Victor Photo Album
EBO'S ALBUM - Ebenezer Sowah Photos
Images by Derek Moore
1Tunis Photo and Video
Alvin Harris Photos
HGIMg HortenseInspiration 
Land Right Law of 2018 in PDF format...
Who's Who in President George Mannah Weah's Government

A country on edge: Liberia’s economic crisis and corruption could lead to violence

President George Weah is failing to boot corruption and help the poor

Under the corrugated-iron roof of the Bong Intellectual Centre, a tea house in Gbarnga in northern Liberia, the air is thick with anger. Dozens of people sit on plastic chairs, discussing politics. They complain that their businesses are failing, corruption is rising and food prices have doubled in recent months. ”Read more...

In The News

Women Protest against Continuous Violence, Intimidation against Female Political Actors

Monrovia – Wednesday’s torrential downpour could not derail the women’s plan to carry on their sit-in action. They prostrated in a straight file on the sidewalk before the Ministry of Foreign Affairs where the Office President George Weah is located demanding an end to intimidation and violence against women, especially in politics.

They came under the banner ‘Women of Liberia On Women’s Peace and Security’.

Their protest was one intended to draw the attention of President Weah and the nation to their disgust to the recent waves of violence and brutality meted against women without any perpetrator being brought to book.

Even President Weah, they believe, has been one of the instigators of violence against in recent time. Read more...

Liberian President George Weah has proposed reducing term lengths for members of the executive and legislative branches of government.

Under his plan, the president and representatives would serve five years instead of six, while senators would sit for seven years rather than nine.

The idea, says Presidential Press Secretary Smith Toby, is to push officials to begin serving the people from the day they assume office, rather than putting off work until the close of their terms.

As he put it, “if you start [work] immediately on election day “[knowing] that you’ve got five years, you will not play around. They will start work immediately upon their election.”Read more...

Liberia: Widespread Condemnation, Reactions Follow Bloody Day in District 15

Monrovia – Widespread condemnation has followed the latest violent turn of events in Montserrado County District 15 which is once shrouded in electoral violence after Ms. Telia Urey, one of the candidates in the disputed Representatives’ by-elections  and her supporters came closed to meeting their deaths Saturday.

Ms. Telia Urey told a news conference Sunday that the bloody attack Saturday led to the damage of her bullet-proof Toyota Land Cruiser and injuries to she and several of her supporters who had gone to visit the headquarters of another candidate in the recently-held elections. Read more...



And then there's the Judiciary - the third leg of the mighty tripod that holds up our democracy! 

Weaknesses within the Legislative and Executive branches of Government are often discussed extensively and are well documented. But what about the Judiciary? How has it contributed to Liberia's backwardness, underdevelopment, and lack of progress? With constant criticism of the Judiciary coming from within and outside, it is fair to say that this branch of Government is also weak and problematic. As a result, Liberia continues to suffer and is unable to operate at its full potential. The Judiciary must examine itself and reassess its role in the building of this nation.  Read more...

Liberia: No Sympathy For You! An Open Letter To Amara Mohammed Konneh

(So who am I to empathize with you as the Frankenstein monster you created comes consuming you to distract the attention of the public from its plundering of the treasury?)

People who have a sense of history and saw through the incompetent gang in the CDC talked to you, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf and other members of your cabal to abandon the plan of fraudulently imposing this boy and his assortment of spavs on the country knowing full well the consequences of such manoeuvre. They held long and serious discussions with you and predicted rightly all that is happening today and urged you to abort such plan but you were consumed in arrogance and selfishness and went on to do so against their pieces of advice. All of you listen not! You were resolved to steal the democratic verdict of the people for your preferred candidate. For you and Ellen, it was never about the destiny of the country; it was never about the country’s interests but rather about creating the condition where the inordinate wealth primitively accumulated from the people would have been protected with impunity and every effort to establish a commission of inquiry to probe impropriety done under your stewardship be killed. Read full letter...

Graft fears as Liberia civil servants go unpaid

More than 15,000 Liberian civil servants have not been paid for months, government and judicial sources said Wednesday, reinforcing concerns over graft...

Monrovia (AFP) - More than 15,000 Liberian civil servants have not been paid for months, government and judicial sources said Wednesday, reinforcing concerns over graft and economic mismanagement under President George Weah.

Former footballer Weah, elected last year, has come under fire for alleged corruption as well as spiralling inflation in the West African state still emerging from two civil wars. Read more...

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House For Sale

A House located on a half-acre land slightly off Hotel Africa Road in Lower Virginia with motorable access For Sale

4 Bedrooms: 1 master with walk-in closet and spacious jacuzzi-equipped bathroom
• Balcony overlooking the Atlantic Ocean.
• large Living room with adjacent Dinning room leading to kitchen with storage space
• Equipped with water heating system
• Water supply system and water pump installed
• Boys quarters and palaver hut
• Generator Room and spacious vehicle garage
• Security Booth and Razor wire protected perimeter fence
• Large/spacious resort-like compound ideal for holding compound family/other programs
• Enough land space to build another house or apartment

Valued at over U$250,000 but it’s going for U$175,000

Contact for information and/or house inspection in Monrovia:

Lamin Swaray (0886 655 6954)
You can also call/WhatsApp +404 933 0212

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Souvenir Program Golden Image Award 2019 Held at Monrovia City Hall July 19, 2019

B.W. Harris Convention July 2019 - Welcome Party

B.W. Harris Convention 2019 - Board & General Meetings, July 2019

District 9101 Rotary Club of Sinkor Program for the Installation of officers for 2019-2020 Rotary Year Held at the Corina Hotel, 26th Street, Tubman Blvd, Sinkor

Ebo s album - B. W. Harris Class of "79" J's Incorporated 40th Anniversary MN. 6/27/19

B.W.Harris Class of 79, The J's Incorporated 40th Reunion, Brooklyn Park, Minnesota, June 27-28, 2019

Pictures from the Memorial Service for Omar Jefferson Bambara, May 25, 2019, Minnesota

All 452 Pictures from the "Save The State" Protest, June 7th 2019, Monrovia, Liberia

Pictures from CYBER-ED CHRISTIAN SCHOOL OF EXCELLENCE: A LIBERIAN SUCCESS STORY, June 2019Effort Baptist Church, Paynesville, Liberia Saturday, June 1, 2019

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